The Orochi Underground

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The Orochi Underground
The Orochi Underground Lobby.png
Map Coordinates: (415,352)
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Type: Instance
Faction: Orochi Group

The Orochi Underground consists of both the subway system used by employees to reach Orochi Tower, and the front lobby with access to every individual floor in the Tower. The lobby contains an elevator corresponding to the floors of each particular Orochi Group subsidiary: Anansi, Faust, Manticore, Plethron, QBL, Sycoil, Váli, and Zagan. It also contains an elevator that travels directly to the Boardroom. Every non-Alpha floor is inaccessible to the player unless they have acquired the required security clearance.

Current State

The subway system has been locked down by Orochi Drones, presumably to prevent anyone from entering the Tower. To find access to the Tower, the player must fight their way through the Orochi Group defenses.

The main lobby is a staging area for Gozen, Inbeda, and Daimon Kiyota, where they hold the primary access point while you infiltrate the Tower and obtain higher security clearance.



width Assault on Orochi Tower
width The Eight-Headed Serpent - Obtainable outside, allows you to enter the main lobby.

Found Inside

width Fallen Allies - Just after entering the subway tunnels.
width The Eight-Headed Serpent - Center kiosk of the main lobby.
width Confrontations and Revelations - Elevator to the Boardroom.



Environmental Hazards

  • Orochi Group Tank: Fires at you with its main guns until you are standing near the tank itself.
  • Land mines: Detonated by your allies after you deactivate the tank.
  • Pressure plates: Cross by using /moonwalk or /moonwalk_pro if you have completed the Catch Me If You Can achievement.
  • Electrified plates: Only stand on the non-electrified plates to avoid taking massive damage.
  • Turrets: Carefully watch the pattern to dodge the rapid fire. Use the fuse box behind the turrets and laser grid (via the Demonic Device) to deactivate the turrets.


This location is included in the Quick Reaction Force achievement. It also contains lore for the Annalist achievement.