Orochi Tower - Manticore

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Orochi Tower - Manticore
Orochi Tower Manticore Logo.png
Map Coordinates: (199,150)
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Type: Instance
Faction: Manticore Research Group

Orochi Tower contains the research headquarters of Manticore Research Group, one of its eight daughter corporations. Inside the Tower itself, there are three separate Manticore Research Group floors: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Each of these floors is involved in its own unique research, but they all relate to Manticore's weaponry focus in some way.

Researchers on the Alpha floor developed and engineered the various types of Orochi Drones found throughout Kaidan. While the actual manufacturing occurs underneath the Tower, this is the place that upgrades are designed and ideas are tested. There is also one employee working on a project to turn Drones into sex robots.

Scientists on the Beta floor have constructed a number of trials to test their lethal defense equipment, including laser motion sensors, spinning flamethrower devices, and automated turrets. The employees themselves run through the tests, even having a board listing times to make the completion speed a competition.

Current State

Alpha Floor

Racks of Drones litter the floor untouched, although many Drones have become activated and roam the halls. The only remaining scientist on this floor is the one working on the sex robot project, where he was killed in the act by the Drone he was developing.

Beta Floor

Nothing seems to have changed here, as the researchers are all still performing tests on their equipment. The only difference is that now the player is the one running through the tests.



width The Eight-Headed Serpent

Found Inside

width Hostile Elements - Beginning of Alpha floor.
width The Room - Just before the final room of the Omega floor.
width Confrontations and Revelations - After completing The Eight-Headed Serpent, in the final room of the Omega floor.



Alpha Floor

Environmental Hazards

Beta Floor

  • First room: laser motion sensor maze.
  • Second room: two spinning flamethrower devices.
  • Third room: two automated turrets.
  • Fourth room: laser motion sensor maze with two spinning flamethrower devices.
  • Final room: seven spinning flamethrower devices.


This location is included in the Become a Terrible Thought, Oh Hi Mark!, Build me up, tear me down, Tower Crawler, and Tower Cartographer achievements. It also contains lore for the Annalist achievement.


  • The Buzzing, Entry #1 - Beta floor.
  • The Buzzing, Entry #7 - Alpha floor.
  • The Buzzing, Entry #1 - Omega floor.
  • The Buzzing, Entry #2 - Omega floor.
  • The Buzzing, Entry #4 - Beta floor.