Orochi Tower - Faust

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Orochi Tower - Faust
Orochi Tower Faust Logo.png
Map Coordinates: (203,149)
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Type: Instance
Faction: Faust Capital

Orochi Tower contains the banking headquarters of Faust Capital, one of its eight daughter corporations. Inside the Tower itself, there are three separate Faust floors: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Each of these floors contains activities directly related to banking.

The Alpha floor contains a vault constructed to hold funds and valuable items for Faust's wealthy clients. Employees facilitate this process for their current customers, and make business deals with new customers to expand their holdings.

Employees in the Beta floor maintain the finances of the company, monitoring Faust's capital through their computers. The final room houses a number of stacked file cabinets, containing information about the company's business deals.

The CEO of Faust is alone in the Omega floor, where he does all of his planning and oversight in solitude.

Current State

Alpha Floor

What few employees remain alive on this floor are huddled under their desks whimpering, as Orochi Drones continue to patrol throughout the floor after murdering everyone else. These drones arrived in response to a security alert, the cause of which is unclear, although the vault door is wide open when you reach it. Whether by malfunction or command, the drones systematically murdered almost everyone at their computers.

Beta Floor

Most of the employees in this floor are still diligently working at their computers, oblivious to the crisis outside the Tower. Bleak office reminders emphasize the fact that for these people, their work has become their lives. Several of the employees have died at their desks, and their coworkers either do not notice or do not care.

Omega Floor

The CEO is awaiting your arrival to his floor, with a set of choices designed to probe what kind of person you are. Through conversation, he reveals himself as Mephistopheles, a Jinn. He has made promises to Samael, so after your choices he attempts to stop you from making it further in the tower.



width The Eight-Headed Serpent

Found Inside

width Hostile Elements - Beginning of Alpha floor.
width The Room - Just before the final room of the Omega floor.
width Confrontations and Revelations - After completing The Eight-Headed Serpent, in the final room of the Omega floor.



Alpha Floor

Omega Floor


This location is included in the Become a Terrible Thought, Oh Hi Mark!, Build me up, tear me down, Tower Crawler, and Tower Cartographer achievements. It also contains lore for the Annalist achievement.

Related Items

Omega Floor


  • The Buzzing, Entry #3 - Omega floor.
  • The Black Signal, Entry #1 - Omega floor.