Orochi Tower - Sycoil

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Orochi Tower - Sycoil
Orochi Tower Sycoil Logo.png
Map Coordinates: (169,150)
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Type: Instance
Faction: Sycoil

Orochi Tower contains the research headquarters of Sycoil, one of its eight daughter corporations. Inside the Tower itself, there are three separate Sycoil floors: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Each of these floors is involved in its own unique research, but they all relate to Sycoil's energy focus in some way.

Researchers on the Alpha floor were testing new solar power cells as improved sources of renewable energy. This type of work is light-sensitive, so employees spent their time in almost complete darkness. Other researchers on the same floor were studying bioluminescent Fungal Filth, which they identified as having applications in biotechnology, gene/protein tracking, lighting, agriculture, and body modification. It is unclear if these two projects were related, or if they were just placed on the same floor due to their light sensitivity.

Researchers on the Beta floor were constructing electrically-powered portable Anima wells for use by The Mitsubachi, as well as studying a Custodian from Agartha locked in the final room. Presumably, determining how Third Age technology works would lead to a revolution in energy technologies, among other things. The same could be said for manipulating Anima with electricity (as reversing the process would allow humans to tap directly into Gaia for energy), which it seems that the Orochi Group group has already discovered to some extent. The player sees these Anima wells in action in the mission Confrontations and Revelations.

The Omega floor has two groups of scientists, one partnering with Váli to study Draug, and the other studying the The Filth itself despite strict orders from executives not to do so. Both the Draug and the The Filth come from Sycoil's drilling operations in the Sargasso Sea, the origin of the fog currently enveloping Solomon Island.

Current State

Alpha Floor

The Fungal Filth has escaped its enclosures, covering the majority of the floor in bioluminescent fungus. The creatures are reproducing by the creation of Fungal Pods, which are giant eggs laid throughout the rooms and hallways. While most of the researchers are nowhere to be found on this floor, a single corpse remains in the final room, covered in glowing purple fungus.

Beta Floor

The Custodian trapped by the Orochi Group team became enraged when they sent a Type-99 Clairvoyance drone into the room to scan it. It subsequently destroyed the room it was enclosed in as well as the rest of the floor, killing everyone inside. It now patrols the hallways, covered in blood.

Omega Floor

Many of the Draug specimens obtained from the drilling operations were not entirely dead, and as a result have risen from their operating tables, either killing or mutating the scientists in the first half of the hallway into Brood Pods. As with any Orochi Group experiment involving the The Filth, everyone researching it was corrupted or killed, and the The Filth has spread across the interior of the floor.



width The Eight-Headed Serpent

Found Inside

width Hostile Elements - Beginning of Alpha floor.
width The Room - Just before the final room of the Omega floor.
width Confrontations and Revelations - After completing The Eight-Headed Serpent, in the final room of the Omega floor.



Alpha Floor

Beta Floor

Omega Floor

Environmental Hazards

  • Lines of The Filth snake across the final hallway of the Omega floor. Standing in them gives you a stack of Filth (Debuff) every second.


This location is included in the Become a Terrible Thought, Oh Hi Mark!, Build me up, tear me down, Tower Crawler, and Tower Cartographer achievements. It also contains lore for the Annalist achievement.


  • The Buzzing, Entry #1 - Beta floor.
  • The Buzzing, Entry #6 - Alpha floor.