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Orochi Group
Orochi Group Logo.png
Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: Tokyo

The Orochi Group is an NPC faction made up of several sister corporations. Their intentions are unclear but their actions suggest that they want power and are indifferent to the cost involved.

First Appearance


Orochi Corporate Uniform

The Orochi Group was founded in 1949[1], shortly after World War II, with headquarters in Tokyo.[2]

The name "Orochi" comes from the name of an 8-headed Japanese dragon known as Yamata no Orochi because the Orochi Group is made up of 8 subsidiaries. [3]. Their corporate logo is a squared off spiral comprised of 8 lines, representing the 8 subsidiary companies or the 8 heads of Yamat no Orochi, followed by the Kanji symbol for Snake - 蛇 [4]

A few years after conception, Orochi's eight subdivisions took to the global market. Today the enormous conglomerate hosts award ceremonies, donates billions to charities, and encourages youth programs. [5]

In August of 2010 there was a terrorist attack near the Tokyo headquarters of the Orochi Group, causing widespread destruction in the commercial district of Tokyo.[6]. In the Ground Zero mission, characters relive a flashback that occurs shortly after the attack, showing that it was actually some sort of occult phenomenon related to filth-infected humans and other creatures.

The Orochi website is http://www.orochi-group.com


These are the 8 companies that make up the Orochi Group:

Company Sectors
Anansi Technologies Computer Hardware and Software
Faust Capital Banking, Investments
Manticore Research Group Aerospace, Military/Defense/Security, Advanced Technology, Industrial Design
Plethron Agricultural Sciences
QBL Media Information, News
Sycoil Power and Alternative Energy Solutions
Váli Biotechnology and Genetic Research
Zagan Food, Farming


Solomon Island


The Savage Coast

Blue Mountain

Valley of the Sun God

Scorched Desert

  • The Plethron Interm Office is located in the town of al-Merayah, and was the regional headquarters for the Plethron subsidiary's work on a project known as "The Prometheus Initiative"
  • The Orochi Retreat in the Scorched Desert is where the remaining Orochi Group soldiers are making a last stand against their comrades that have become infected with the The Filth
  • The Orochi Depot is where those soldiers were originally stationed, along with various scientists and officers. It appears that they were again conducting experiments with The Filth along with recovering and examining artifacts from The Ankh and surrounding areas. It has now been completely overrun by filth and creatures infected by the filth.
  • The Orochi Research Base located in the Scorched Desert is situated upon a plateau overlooking The Ankh
  • The Ankh, a former temple of Aten and recent Orochi research site, player-explorable as a 5-player dungeon and also a solo mission instance. The Filth research conducted there under Orochi's Dr. Klein has gone horribly awry.

City of the Sun God

  • The Orochi have also penetrated the City of the Sun God and set up an Orochi Camp there as well. They were primarily supposed to be retrieving artifacts and sending them somewhere else for examination. But, they apparently took a little too much initiative and unearthed or started something they shouldn't have. [citation needed]


Shadowy Forest

The Orochi have set up numerous outposts in the The Shadowy Forest portion of Transylvania. 5 to be exact. This time they were researching various supernatural creatures that could be found native to that area [8]. The outposts are:

Carpathian Fangs

  • Orochi Outpost
  • There is an Orochi Coms Center located on top of one of the nearby mountains. It is heavily guarded and contains the controls to override access to The Nursery
  • An Orochi outpost near the power station is now overrun with mountain trolls.
  • The Smiths' Cabin is a research coordination site, now deserted.
  • The Breach is an Orochi-reopened Gateway to the Outer Dark containing a Gaia Engine.
  • The Nursery - A top-secret Orochi research center. It was dedicated to researching the effects of filth on children. Especially children who already possessed various supernatural talents.


Player Hubs


  • Váli had a research facility in London which they are using to find potential candidates for further testing at The Nursery [9]. See the Váli article for more details

New York

Lore Honeycombs

Main article: Lore:The Orochi Group

Known Members



Employee information can be found on the Orochi website "Employee Finder" page.

Name Company Role
Unknown Unknown Samael Chandra
Ann Radcliffe Váli Field Operative
Harrison Blake Váli Orochi Field Operative
Lisa Hui Unknown Field Agent?
James Shu Plethron Prometheus Project
Lisa Chang Plethron Prometheus Project
Dr Themis Plethron Prometheus Project
Julia Smith Plethron ? Prometheus Project
Winston Smith Plethron ? Prometheus Project
Dr Amoure Váli Scientist, Filth mutagenic project
Sally Anderson Váli Scientist, DNA mapping project
Dr Banwey Váli Scientist, Filth mutagenic project
Raymond Beil Váli Research Tech, Virgula Divnia project
Gerald Bungard Váli Coordinator, Virgula Divinia project
Emily Chan Váli Scientist, Excal project
Dr Harrison Conrad Váli Scientist, Virgula Divnia project
Reuben Dion Váli Assistant, Virgula Divnia project
Domenico Figlio Váli Technician, Virgula Divnia project
Kitsune Hayabusa Váli Scientist, Excal project
Dr Liev Váli Scientist, Filth mutagenic project
Dr Llyjek Váli Scientist, Filth mutagenic project
Linda Merkins Váli Operations, Virgula Divinia project
John Milven Váli Technician, Virgula Divnia project
Missy Patel Váli Technician, Virgula Divnia project
Dr Shirui Váli Lead Scientist, Filth mutagenic project
Joseph St-Laurent Váli Technician, Virgula Divnia project
Ernest Stone Váli Scientist, Excal project
J. Bonomi Unknown 3-A Hieroglyphics Expert, Thinis Project
R. Weintraub Unknown Archaeologist, Thinis Project
S. Warner Unknown Engineer and Temporal Anomaly Expert, Thinis Project
H. Courtoy Unknown Theoretical Transit Expert, Thinis Project
B. Bernouli Unknown Historical Mappings Analyst, Thinis Project
Kurt Kuszczak Unknown Tank Driver, Assigned to Tokyo
Amaya Yu Unknown Was working in Kaidan on the Mitsubachi project
Ueno Fujio Unknown Executive for "The Bingo Project"
Yoshida Giichi Unknown Executive for "The Bingo Project"
Ito Ayane Unknown Executive for "The Bingo Project"

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City of the Sun God

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Besieged Farmlands

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Shadowy Forrest

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Carpathian Fangs

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New York

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