Orochi Tower - QBL

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Orochi Tower - QBL
Orochi Tower QBL Logo.png
Map Coordinates: (169,157)
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Type: Instance
Faction: QBL Media

Orochi Tower contains the research headquarters of QBL Media, one of its eight daughter corporations. Inside the Tower itself, there are two separate QBL floors: Alpha and Omega. Both of these floors are involved in the upkeep of the QBL worldwide news presence.

Employees on the Alpha floor maintain QBL's physical and electronic media, creating and distributing their magazine and book exports as well as establishing their online face in social media.

Current State

Alpha Floor

The bodies of all employees are seated around the boardroom table in the final room, where they died watching an archived video that was projected onto the main screen. Their spirits have since been reanimated as Tokyo Spectres, which linger throughout the floor.



width The Eight-Headed Serpent

Found Inside

width Hostile Elements - Beginning of Alpha floor.
width The Room - Just before the final room of the Omega floor.
width Confrontations and Revelations - After completing The Eight-Headed Serpent, in the final room of the Omega floor.



Alpha Floor


This location is included in the Oh Hi Mark!, Build me up, tear me down, Tower Crawler, and Tower Cartographer achievements. It also contains lore for the Annalist achievement.


  • The Buzzing, Entry #5 - Alpha floor.
  • The Black Signal, Entry #1 - Alpha floor.


  • Je suis Charlie is a slogan representing freedom of speech after a January 2015 massacre at a newspaper company in Paris.
  • HIVEmode is an in-game fashion magazine.
  • The author Joshua A. Doetsch mentioned on the "Esteem" magazine cover is the game's lead writer, Scrivnomancer.