Orochi Tower - Boardroom

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Orochi Tower - Boardroom
Orochi Tower Penthouse.png
Map Coordinates: (161,158)
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Type: Instance
Faction: Orochi Group

The Orochi Tower Boardroom instance consists of executive offices, boardrooms, and the penthouse suite with balcony at the top of Orochi Tower. This is typically where Samael Chandra and his high-ranking executives would meet to discuss business and the state of each Orochi subsidiary.

Current State

The only residents of the boardrooms now are Orochi Drones and members of The Mitsubachi sent by Samael to stop you from reaching the penthouse suite. Lilith resides on the balcony, with Uta Bloody Valentine guarding her. Samael himself is nowhere to be found.




width Confrontations and Revelations

Found Inside

width Portability


  • Accessible from either the Boardroom elevator in the Lobby, (161,158), or any elevator in an Omega floor.


Environmental Hazards

  • None


This location is included in the Hachi kiipaa and Dance of Death achievements. It also contains lore for the Annalist achievement.


  • The Buzzing, Entry #9 - Penthouse balcony, after the final cutscene.
  • The Black Signal, Entry #3 - Penthouse.
  • The Buzzing, Entry #5 - Boardrooms.
  • The Black Signal, Entry #2 - Room just before the Penthouse elevator.