Fallen Allies

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Fallen Allies
Fallen Allies Demon.png
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Start Location: The Orochi Underground
Start Coords: (120,270)
Given by: Fallen Jingu Clan
Type: Item
Requires: Update 1.11.2
Assault on Orochi Tower
Faction: Orochi Group
Reward: 149,603 Experience Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.11.2

The Jingu Clan, Korinto-kai, and House-In-Exile will all suffer losses in the siege on the Orochi Tunnels.


  • None

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Recover the effects of fallen allies.
    • Recover Jingu katanas (0/3)
    • Recover Korinto-Kai weapons (0/3)
    • Recover House-In-Exile masks (0/3)



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There is 1 tier to this mission.

Tier 1/1

  • 0/3 Recover Jingu katanas
    • Locations:
      • 1) Next to the body that starts the mission, (120,270)
      • 2) Right side of the hallway after the land mines are detonated, (117,345)
      • 3) Between the moonwalk pressure plates, (134,398)
  • 0/3 Recover Korinto-Kai weapons
    • Locations:
      • 1) In the section of electrified plates, (178,370)
      • 2) On an elevated walkway by several Orochi drones, (190,330)
      • 3) At the end of the hallway past the door leading to the turrets, (198,270)
  • 0/3 Recover House-In-Exile masks
    • Locations:
      • 1) Behind the tank, accessible from the hallway opposite the turrets, (169,335)
      • 2) In the line of fire of the turrets, (171,281)
      • 3) To the right as you enter the final room with the Smiler mech, (170,243)

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