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Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Location: Susanoo's Diner
Coords: (279,558)
Faction: Jingu Clan
Partner(s): Richard Sonnac [1]
Background Information
Species: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Samurai
Religion: Shinto
NPC Information
NPC Type: mission
Voiced by: Minae Noji

Gozen is the latest – and most mysterious – in a long line of Jingu Clan samurai leaders, dating back to Queen Himiko[2] (卑弥呼). She is reserved and calm under pressure. She believes in the right way of doing things, the way of the samurai, the way of Kami[3] (神). Gozen acts only when necessary. When she does act, her movements are fluid, careful - the embodiment of purpose. She holds a deep hatred to all of demonkind to the point of being unable to see the evil in the people around her, such as the Morninglight and Fear Nothing Foundation.

Before the recent crisis in Tokyo, Gozen was living in solitude as a hermit in the mountains. She received a vision that served as a warning to mobilize the Jingu Clan, leading her to return from the mountain. She is now based in Susanoo's Diner with Akashi and the remaining Jingu, keeping the Oni and filth away from their refuge.

It is strongly implied Gozen is something more than human with preternatural abilities, or at least immortal. It is noted that she has a remarkably similar appearance to her predecessors from age to age. [4]

Post-Confrontations and Revelations      
After the player wakes up and recieves the Ophanim of the Celestials, Unchained, or Dreamers, Daimon Kiyota notes that the player seems different somehow and says that Gozen of all people should know something about this. [5].



Involved in



My name is Gozen. I am... me. I have the honour of leading the Jingu Clan, as did my ancestors stretching back to Queen Himiko herself. There was Tokiwa Gozen, Shizuku Gozen, Tsuchida Gozen, Tomoe Gozen, and others. Before the explosion, I received a vision, a warning to mobilise the Jingu Clan. And so, with much urgency and little haste, I came down from the mountain.


The explosion. It was more than a bomb. It was a defilement. The city is soul-wounded. It is a festering sore, oozing with demons, with yokai. Those who survive find themselves in Yomi-on-earth. For the few that remain, there is no civilization save for what we hide away in our hearts or carve with our blades. When this began, I told them all that we were defending ashes and embers from the hungry maw of the final days, and any man or woman among us could leave the city. I would think no less of them. They all stayed. Every last one.

The Jingu Clan

We are the Jingu. We are the remains of the Samurai in a less civilized time. We hold to the teachings of Shinto. We believe in the kami. We believe in the quiet dignity of honour and responsibility. But when the time comes, we clang like a terrible bell. We are the song that reminds demons to tremble. We believe fault is what others assign you, and responsibility is what you assign yourself, and we assign ourselves much. We fight to hold what territory we have. To keep it from the loathsome grasp of those who would profit from the misry and chaos, the two remaining gangs: the House-in-Exile and the Korinto-Kai.

The House-in-Exile

Demons? You wish my counsel on demons? There are no good demons! Not even dead demons. Even their corpses offend the earth. In Tokyo, there are nine clans of oni. And oh, this must be a misery time for them, with the skulls and the screams and the ashen shadows stretched out on the subway walls. How they must dance. Nine oni clans...and then there is the House-in-Exile. They are demons shunned by demons, unwelcome even in the many hells. They are led by the degenerate spirit Inbeda. He holds loathsome court in the bathhouse. Inbeda profits off the disarray, and now he looks to the outside world. I hear he is currently wooing the Illuminati.

The Korinto-Kai

They are what remains of the criminal underworld. These occulted gangsters. Yakuza normally at least pretend at honour, at showing a public face, but these Korinto-kai strut in the shadows. They call themselves "ninkyo dantai," a chivalrous organization...But they are boryokudan. They are bakuto - vice peddlers. They took control of gambling in Tokyo in the 1920s. But they went beyond. They found more, always more. Their connections to the occult gave them an edge against their rivals. They are led by Daimon Kiyota. He is little better than the oni demons. And perhaps...he is even more dangerous, in his own way. He knows things he should not know. He has the audacity of a man who suddenly walks on air simply because he knows it breaks an important law. He is a walking obscenity and...There is something. Something behind his eyes...

The secret world

I find this term strange. There is no Secret World. There is no Normal World. There is only the World.

The Illuminati

They bed with demons when it suits them and calls it good business sense. They preen like diseased peacocks until they sense danger. They build mazes that they themselves become lost in. When I speak to the blue agent, my eyes and ears feel contaminated, as though I watched one of those reality television shows or read a comment section on the inter webs.

The Templars

The Templars understand the value of loyalty and responsibility. The Templars know the value of tradition, even in a changing world. The Templars know how to inspire a demon to tremble. The Templars can always count the Jingu Clan as their ally. It has been too long since I have seen Richard Sonnac. We...We have...history.

Her Vision

The world will always need demon-slayers, but demon-slayers do not always need the world. I sought refuge in the high places, a place of great beauty and great stillness. Apart from weekend training retreats where the clan shared a facility with the Fear Nothing foundation, I was alone. Then... "Dark demons cry Gaia." Do you know this phrase? It came to me in a dream, and I knew I must return to the city. Dark demons cry Gaia. Each word a prophecy, and each prophecy a thread which trails into the unknown. The dark has come to Tokyo. So have the Demons. A cry has been heard and the Jingu Clan are returning. And Gaia...well, you know who you represent.