Orochi Tower

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Orochi Tower
Image OrochiTower.png
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Type: Player versus environment
Faction: Orochi Group

Orochi Tower is the headquarters of the Orochi Group Group, located in Kaidan, Tokyo. It contains floors dedicated to each of the eight branches of the company: Anansi Technologies, Faust Capital, Manticore Research Group, Plethron, QBL Media, Sycoil, Váli, and Zagan. A boardroom and penthouse suite is located at the top of the Tower for the company's executives. The Tower itself is located on an island just off the coast, which makes it relatively inaccessible. There are two entrances: potential customers take helicopters to the main entrance, while employees use the subway system through The Orochi Underground.

Spoilers through "Assault on Orochi Tower"      

During the mission width Nightmare in the Dream Palace, while uncovering the secrets behind the The Filth bomb, it is discovered that Lilith is locked inside the tower. John opens the gates to the Tower in width The Signal, granting the access to the floors inside, as well as all of the secrets hidden therein.

Orochi Tower Lobby



  • There are Zagan Cola soda machines at the end of each wing of corporate elevators. They do not have map indicators.


Floor(s) Company Description Instances
Basement Orochi Corporation The Orochi Underground
1 Orochi Corporation Lobby
2-9 Zagan Feeding Excellence Zagan 2, Zagan 9
10-19 Faust Capital It's in the details Faust 13, Faust 16, Faust 19
20-29 Manticore Research Group We bring you the horizon Manticore 22, Manticore 25, Manticore 28
30-39 QBL We are the world QBL 31, QBL 37
40-49 Sycoil Fuelling innovation Sycoil 43, Sycoil 44, Sycoil 49
50-59 Vali Mapping the miracle of life Vali 54, Vali 58
60-69 Plethron Sating the hungry mouths Plethron 61, Plethron 63, Plethron 66
70-79 Anansi Technologies Technology that cares Anansi 72, Anansi 76, Anansi 78
Restricted Orochi Corporation Restricted Executive Access



width Story

width Action

width Sabotage

  • None

width Investigation

  • None

width Side Missions

width Assignments



Zagan, Floor 2      
Zagan, Floor 9      
Faust Capital, Floor 13      
Faust Capital, Floor 16      
  • None
Faust Capital, Floor 19      
Manticore Research Group, Floor 22      
Manticore Research Group, Floor 25      
  • None
Manticore Research Group, Floor 28      
QBL, Floor 31      
QBL, Floor 37      
Sycoil, Floor 43      
Sycoil, Floor 44      
Sycoil, Floor 49      
Vali, Floor 54      
Vali, Floor 58      
Plethron, Floor 61      
  • None
Plethron, Floor 63      
Plethron, Floor 66      
Anansi Technologies, Floor 72      
Anansi Technologies, Floor 76      
  • None
Anansi Technologies, Floor 78      




  • Each floor has it's own Anima Well
  • All elevators have a button to return to lobby if you wish to sell or meet up with someone
  • All elevators have a card reader