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Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Location: Jigoku no Yu Bathhouse
Coords: (180,803)
Faction: House-in-Exile
Other Relatives: Ihan-Sha (brother)
Background Information
Species: Demon
Occupation: Mercenary
NPC Information
NPC Type: mission
Voiced by: Gyuri Sarossy

Inbeda is the leader of the Oni[1] (鬼) clan called the House-In-Exile. He is an Oni mercenary who has been living native in urban Tokyo, and will aid in resisting the demon siege - for a price.

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Involved In

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He is a sword-for-hire against his own kind - or any kind - offering his considerable combat expertise to those who can afford it. Well aware of the Oni invasion force, he has no intention of allowing them to run unchecked in the city and spoil his monopoly on demonic enforcement.

While his mercenary nature demands that he makes some business of it, it’s also doing what he loves: Inbeda bears a 300-year vendetta against his kin - especially those who exiled him - that he is keen to settle in blood. Inbeda has a quite disturbing fetish for mannequins and wears a Noh[2] (能) mask containing the spirit of Kan'ami[3] (観阿弥 清次). He bought this precious artifact on eBay, and it helps him translate virtually any language.

Inbeda's brother is Ihan-sha[4]. They have a long history of hating each other, and recently Ihan-sha has been trying to move in on Inbeda's territory in Kaidan

Depending on how Oni are selected for the various Oni Houses it is possible that Inbeda was once a member of the House of the Howling Dog before being exiled, since that is the house that his brother appears to be a member of.



You have the great fortune to speak to his corpulence, Inbeda, master of the House-in-Exile. My master invites you to consider his puissant battle prowess, available to those who can afford it. And I am the wondrous Mask of Kan'Ami, imbued with the spirit of Kan'Ami, founder of the Noh Theatre. I command nearly all known languages, and quite a few that time forgot. Down the centuries, this mask has known many owners, but-
My...wise master says that is all you need to know about me.


Though he would be loath to admit it to his former brethren, Inbeda has found exile most profitable. Death is truly the province of you..."sacks of rotting flesh clinging to calcium deposits" - heh, colorful language - and it just makes more sense to be where the market is at. Survival, opportunism, and business sense come quite naturally to my master's mind. When life gives him lemons, why, he squeezes the acidic juices upon the flayed flesh of his enemies. Cast out, Inbeda forged a new house with his fellow exiled demons on earth. Here in Tokyo, they are able to undercut the rates of the Hell Dimensions. They are truly indispensable to the city's underworld. We boast a most impressive success rate on debt collection. The pre-war and post-war corporate boom brought even more prosperity. Inbeda became something of an urban legend, a great -
Truly a magnificent creature.

The House-in-Exile

Once, Inbeda was of the House of Jade Fangs. As the Edo period drew to a close in Japan, and with it the mortal's reliance upon the supernatural, the Oni suffered their bitterest infighting. Undermined from within his own house, Inbeda was sold off to-
My master does not wish me to divulge so much of his past. Suffice to say... ...the rest is history.''

The Jingu Clan

(angry growls)
If... If I were to make a word for word translation of my master's outburst, your bowels would boil and the walls would bleed. Instead let me just say that Inbeda would be happy to string every member of the Jingu Clan on a single length of barbed wire - in the mouth and out the anus - to form a crude human centipede which he would use as a mount. The samurai and the Oni...they do not get along.

The Korinto-Kai

They are a hidden branch of the Yakuza, occulted gangsters and gambling masters. Their leader, Daimon Kiyota, has an almost...demoniacal way of thinking. My master respects this, but Daimon cannot win, as he is merely human, even if he sometimes seems-
My apologies, but that is all we have to say on the matter.

The Oni

Inbeda the powerful, Inbeda the flatulent -
Apologies, master. I misheard. Ahem. Inbeda the powerful, Inbeda the fearsome is well aware of the invasion of his demonic siblings upon this earth. Inbeda has no intention of allowing them to run unchecked in the city and spoil his monopoly on demonic enforcement. On this, his and your species's goals align. While my master's mercenary sensibilities mandate that he conduct himself in a businesslike manner, he will allow himself great pleasure in thwarting his kin. His vendetta stretches back 300 years, you see.

The secret world

My master has made exhaustive study of the reality television of the United states and concludes that there is no longer any separation between hell and earth. All is homogenous.

The Illuminati

We call the 1990s "The Lost Decade." Japan's economic downturn soured local business both supernal and mundane. Inbeda was forced to lower his prices and all but beg his biggest clients for contracts-- from Mitsubishi to Sony, Toshiba to Yamaha, the Phoenicians to the Illuminati. During this difficult time, it was the Illuminati who came through. With one phone call from Kirsten Geary -- involving a multi-year deal with various exclusivity clauses -- the financial stability of the House-in-Exile was assured.
(lusty growls)
My master has many...ugh...warm feelings towards Mz. Geary.

The Templars

My master does not understand the thinking of zealots. The only common ground he and they share is a lust for killing.

The Dragon

Inbeda has known dragons. Actual dragons. He knows enough to be wary of those mortals who would take after them.



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