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QBL Media
Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: Tokyo

QBL Media (slogan: "We Are the World") is one of the eight subsidiaries of the Orochi Group. They focus on media, news, and information, including film and television studios, book publishing, record labels, and more. [1][2]


Critics claim that QBL Media intentionally covers up, creates, or slants the news and articles it produces in order to sway public opinion the way it wants. [3]


"Flip the Seven of Pentacles - The Red Serpent Head - QBL Media.

"THE UPRIGHT POSITION: QBL is a media behemoth, owning TV channels in all major markets, a Hollywood movie studio, television and movie production companies, animation and special effects studios, record labels, book publishers, newspapers, magazines, and a handful of theme parks.

"THE REVERSE POSITION: Critics claim their ubiquitous presence controls the outcome of presidential elections, directs wars, and sways public opinion. In a digital mass grave of killed data, the story of a certain Faust Capital executive's suicide lies buried."


"Q.B.L. or The Bride's Reception" is the title of a 1922 occult manual by named Aleister Crowley successor, "Frater Achad" (Charles Stansfield Jones). The book refuses to identify the "Bride" in its title, but begins (p.2) with two definitions of "QBL":

"'QABALAH" is derived from the Hebrew Root קבלּ — QBL, meaning 'TO RECEIVE,' and from this source we may indeed RECEIVE of the Fruit of the 'Tree of Life' ... but we should give heed to the hidden warning implied by TAROT in the very Root (QBL) itself, 'The Illusion of the Juggler with the Balance'" (emphasis in original).

The pun on "reception" would seem obvious, while QBL's journalistic commitment to illusion over balance is satirized on more than one QBL whiteboard the players encounter on missions "Climbing QBL" and "The Eight-Headed Serpent" heading up to meet the company's influential VP and bride to the CEO. Throughout the game's development until 2017, the word "balanced" featured prominently and quite controversially in the tagline of a real-world media conglomerate whose commitment to journalistic balance was under special (but by no means universal) criticism in those countries where the game was being developed.

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