The Room

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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for 'The Secret World. This content is not available for SWLicon.png Secret World Legends.

The Room
Containment Chamber.png
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Start Location: Orochi Tower
Start Coords: (320,220)
Given by: Containment Chamber
Type: Item
Requires: Update 1.11.2
The Eight-Headed Serpent
Faction: Orochi Group
Reward: 149,603 Experience Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.11.2
Removed in: Update 2.0

The center room houses an unknown threat. Eliminate it to restore order to this floor.


  • None

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Eliminate the entity in the center room.
    • Eliminate the entity



Dragon.png Illuminati.png Templars.png All Factions

Your field report has been received and is currently being analysed and evaluated. Thank you for your contribution. We will contact you if more information is needed. A reward and cash bonus has been credited to your account.


There is 1 tier to this mission.

Tier 1/1

  • Eliminate the entity

Anansi Omega

  • You must defeat AIMEE. She regularly gains an impervious shield from Core Maintenance Units that spawn in the room. When you destroy all of the drones in the room, she will become vulnerable to damage again, so focus all attacks on the computer core. Avoid her electrified barriers and the ground effects that her Projections create, and move from in front of the Projections when they cast Telekinesis. Stand next to the Projections and Core Maintenance Units when they die to avoid explosion damage.

Faust Omega

  • You must defeat Mephistopheles. He leaves circles of fire on the floor that do not disappear, and he quickly regains health whenever standing in them, so it is essential to keep him out of the fire and kill him before you have nowhere to stand. You can buy yourself more time by being smart about where you stand when he casts Fire to Fire, Dust to Dust, such that you leave the circles of fire as close to each other as possible.

Plethron Omega

  • You must defeat GR-002. In order to deal damage to it, you must isolate it in a room with a bright lighting system; doing this requires closing a series of specific doors to trick it into going where you want.

Sycoil Omega

  • You must defeat Dr. Mitro. Make sure not to let him stand in the patches of The Filth he creates with Spread Filth, as he will gain an additional buff.

Váli Omega

Zagan Omega

  • You must defeat Product BF-001. Its primary ability to watch out for is Gore Fountain, which creates four rotating columns of blood that you must move with in order to avoid taking damage.

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