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Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: Solomon Island



The Wabanaki have a legend of doing battle with Mayan invaders, who's sorcerers brought the Ak'ab with them. During this war, a ship of Vikings landed on Solomon Island. The Vikings sided with the Wabanaki and together they were able to drive out the Mayans.

The Wabanaki tribe were granted ownership of a large portion of the Blue Mountain region of Solomon Island in 1973 as reparation for several of their members being falsely accused of murdering miners in the Blue Ridge Mine. However, in 2005 they sold off a portion of that grant (The Quarry) to the Orochi Group in order to raise money for the building of the The Casino Pits.[1]

There were strong disagreements within the tribe concerning the selling of the land, and as a result the tribal council disbanded.


Wabanaki Tribe Members
Name Role Condition
Ami Dexter Daughter of Joseph Cajiais, sister to Frank Madahando and Joe Madahando, niece to Red, mother to Kyra Dexter Alive
Red Owner of Red's Bait and Tackle, uncle to Ami Dexter Alive
Kyra Dexter Daughter of Ami Dexter Alive
Paul Gamelin Tourist guide, husband of Annika Gamelin Alive
Annika Gamelin Tourist guide, wife of Paul Gamelin Alive
Joe Madahando Brother to Frank Madahando Alive
Frank Madahando Construction worker, brother to Joe Madahando Alive
Joseph Cajiais medicine man of the Wabanki tribe Alive