Solomon Island

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Solomon Island
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Type: Player versus environment

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Solomon Island is a (fictional) island off the coast of Maine, USA and is the first region that new players will be sent to after joining their faction.

The island has recently been surrounded by fog and cutoff from the rest of the world. Characters will be a given a mission from their faction leader (Chaos Practice for Dragons, Unknown for Illuminati, and Unknown for Templars) to go to Solomon Island and investigate.

Upon arriving on the Island, all characters will automatically be given the Dawning of an Endless Night mission, a Storyline Mission, regardless of their faction. That storyline mission will last the entire duration of their stay on the island, and take them throughout all zones found there.


For detailed information about the various zones on the island, see their individual articles. They are, in the order characters encounter them,

  • Kingsmouth which is where characters arrive on the island. It is located in the northeastern portion of the island. It contains Kingsmouth Town and as well as the only bridge to mainland.
  • Savage Coast which contains the southern half of the island
  • Blue Mountain which is the northwestern portion of the island.