Frank Madahando

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Frank Madahando
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Location: Wabanaki Trailer Park
Faction: Wabanaki
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Lore

Frank, and his brother Joe can usually be found sitting next to their trailer in the Wabanaki Trailer Park, drinking a beer and arguing about just about anything the other one says.


Involved in



Ain't this all a fuckin' boot in the ass. I had plans, plans that were gonna get me somewhere - Ohh! How's your whale watching operation going brother? Seeing any no whale's got itself lost and showed up round here in 20-odd years now, ha? Yeah. Ain't this all a fuckin' boot in the ass.

Your Brother

I think you caught the brothers Madahando here at a good time. Used to be we were busting rock at the quarry all day, knocking back cheap cans all night. You been saving that one up, genius? You go ahead and enjoy it. Because we ain't going back to that life. Not after what we heard from the mountain. Oh yeah, that old thing's been yabbering away for longer than brother has. Could never figure out what it was saying, and it was better that way. Because when its voice became so damn clear... it's got no love for our people, and that ain't the half of it. No, that ain't it. She said she heard it like the cracking of ice on a river, that's frozen, when it knows it's gotcha.


With Pop's deadbeat brother still hanging around her like a fart stuck in a cushion. She used to come by every summer with a damn fool idea to smooth things out with all of us. Girl sure took a shouting down, she always did. Who does she think she is, telling us to be strong as a family, strong as a people, all while she's siding with him. Over her own flesh and blood, her own brothers. Damn! She said we better stand together, or something was gonna come wash us all away.