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Take away the queen bee and they run around like headless chickens in a coop. - Leaderboards


With ripped wings and spiky legs, every inch of their form would give nightmares to those unlucky enough to cross their path. If they could survive, that is.


The Ak'ab were once controlled by sorcerers and necromancers that landed by ship on Solomon Island. Thousands of years later, they've awoken in The Accursed Woods, hungry from their sleep.



Ak'ab tend to be found in groups, called broods often located around an underground nest that they have emerged from.

Currently in Solomon Island the following broods have been discovered:


Within in each brood, there are similar castes:

  • Worker - These Ak'ab are noticeably smaller than others, and are social monsters, usually found in packs of 3-5. They may also be know by names such as "Worker", "Weaner", "Burrower"
  • Brood Member - These have no discernible cast function, and are just referred to as "brood"
  • Warrior - These Ak'ab specialize in defending the nest and fighting off invaders. They may be referred to as "Warrior" or "Sentry"
  • Royal Guard - Stronger and more dangerous than regular warriors, they are often found around the center of the nest or the queen
  • Queen - Like an insect hive, the queen is the leader of the nest.
  • King - The Umbral brood have a 'King' instead of a 'Queen'. Or, since players never see the inside of the Umbral nest, it is possible that there is an Umbral Queen, and the other broods have 'Kings' as well as 'Queens' as well.


Monster - Ak'ab
Name Objective
Splat! Kill 10 Ak'ab
Insect Repellant Kill 25 Ak'ab
Bug Swatter Kill 50 Ak'ab
Ripped Wings Kill 100 Ak'ab
Bug Assassin Kill 500 Ak'ab
Insecticide Kill 1,000 Ak'ab
Burrow Blaster Kill 5,000 Ak'ab
The Longest Night Kill 10,000 Ak'ab



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