Blue Mountain

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Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain Map.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Type: Player versus environment

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Blue Mountain is third and final zone of Solomon Island. It is located in the northwestern quarter of the island, with Kingsmouth to the east and Savage Coast to the south via Black Goat Pass

Blue Mountain is the location for the home of the Native American tribe that lives on the island, the Wabanaki. The members of the tribe have created a replica "Authentic Wabanaki Village" for tourists to visit, and are in the process of building a large casino, to be named the The Casino Pits. Apparently the name "Golden Teepee" was already taken, since the building resembles a Teepee more closely than it does a Wigwam.

Also in this area of the island is the Blue Ridge Mine, one of the few non-tourist industries of the island, as well as "The Asylum" - a mental-health facility that burned down some time ago and was never rebuilt.

This section of the island is certainly less developed than the other two sections. There is a small bog (Moon Bog) along the mountains on the eastern part of the zone, and there are even a small tribe of Sasquatch that have been living here undetected.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has set up camp here along with a Special Forces unit from The Pentagon that specializes in dealing with the occult and paranormal. The military detachment is led by "Sarge" and the DHS team is lead by Karen Olsen. Both of whom are apparently known personally by the Illuminati handler Kirsten Geary [1][2]. Although, it is uncertain why they chose Blue Mountain as the base of their operations rather than Kingsmouth Town. Kingsmouth has the bridge to mainland, which would be critical to hold if they thought the invasion was going to spread, but perhaps they wanted somewhere a bit more remote and out of sight of the general populace.

Finally, the [Center For Disease Control (CDC) have also establised a camp here, on the northern end of Moon Bog. They were brought in along with the Orochi Group to investigate a strange substance seeping into the Moon Bog and causing mutations.



  • The Devore Mansion is built by Frank and Joanna Devore. [3]


  • Frank and Joanna Devore invest and expand the Blue Ridge Mine and form the Devore Mining Co. [4]

Late 1800's ((Exact time uknown)) [5]

  • Joanna Devore is found dead, poisoned
  • Frank Devore is convicted of murder and hanged.


Late 1800's ((Exact time unknown))

  • Devore mansion is bought by ???
  • Devore mansion is bought by Phileas Flagg
  • Devore mansion passes hands several more times


  • A servant in the Delapore Mansion (is trapped in a pantry closet, and dies there

Early 1910's ((Exact time unknown))

  • Devore mansion bought by Jonathan and Margaret Delapore


  • Johnathan Delapore brutally murders his wife Margaret Delapore, son Thomas, and two daughters (names unknown) with a shotgun before killing himself with the same shotgun. [3]
    • Note: This event is not exactly the same as those played out in the The Haunting mission. It is uncertain which version is the truth.


  • Devore Mansion is bought by Elena Zhelikhovsky and her friend Francine Sanders, and is turned into an "Occult Hotel" [7]


  • Elena Zhelikhovsky and Francine Sanders both die in a car crash [8]


Early 1960's ((Exact time unknown))

  • Devore Mansion is bought by a commune of "artists" (hippies) [10]


  • One of the poets at the Devore Mansion Commune (Billy Lee) goes on a killing spree. He kills 12 of the 13 other artists living there. Police find Billy wading naked in a lake, apparently insane and screaming at things that don't exist. [10]
    • Note: This event is not exactly the same as those played out in the The Haunting mission. According to that mission, there were 2 survivors.



  • The Blue Ridge Mine is reopened under new management. [12]
  • August
    • The Wabanaki tribe opposed the re-opening. The conflict grows violent until the mine foreman (Edmund Franklin) shoots the tribal medicine man.
  • September
    • The mine is shut down after several miners disappear [13]


  • Edmund Franklin is found innocent by reason of self-defense.
  • Edmund Franklin, apparently feeling guilty over the shooting, hangs himself in the mansion attic [11]
  • Mutilated bodies of miners are found at the mine. The injuries do not appear to be made by humans, but members of the Wabanaki tribe are arrested and found guilty anyways.


  • Autopsy reports are released showing it couldn't have been human murderers that killed the miners. The deaths are written of as a "Tragic Accident".
  • Jailed Wabanaki tribe members are released, and as reparation, the Wabanaki tribe is given ownership of the land the mine is on as well as all of Blue Mountain.


  • The Wabanaki tribal council disbands with bitter disagreements, after a majority vote sell the mine and quarry to a multinational corporate. The land is sold in order to raise money to fund the building of the The Casino Pits

Current State

Notable Personalities


The Turner Family

Wabanaki Tribe


Not Encountered

These are people who may have been in the Alternate Reality Game or who can be assumed to have been in the town based on other clues, but are not encountered in the game.

Notable Locations

In-game map of Blue Mountain

Agartha Entrance

The entrance to (exit from) Agartha can be found underneath a small, unnamed, bridge along the Solomon Road, just northwest of the The Casino Pits construction site.


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  • The Darkness War - The players travel back in time as part of a dream-quest to play the part of Wabanaki hero's fighting off invading Mayan armies, demons, and other threats.


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