Naonomi Tanaka

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Naonomi Tanaka
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Faction: [[Category:Fear Nothing Foundation Characters]][[:Category:Fear Nothing Foundation Characters|Fear Nothing Foundation]]
Other Relatives: Masao Tanaka (Father)
Background Information
Species: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Religion: Morninglight
NPC Information
NPC Type: [[Category:{{{type}}} Characters]][[:Category:{{{type}}} Characters|{{{type}}}]]
Voiced by: [[Leigh-Allyn Baker]]

Naonomi Tanaka was the daughter of Masao Tanaka, and a member of the Morninglight and keeper of the Fear Nothing Foundation. [1]

Part of her job was to recruit youth into the foundation and assist in the grooming and selection of potential candidates for the Tokyo Bomber. She interacted with many of the youth personally, and Yuichi even believed she was his girlfriend. When he decided not to carry out the attack and left the foundation, she refocused her efforts on John, who became infatuated with her.

Since the attack, she was hiding in her safehouse waiting for the new dawn. Her father, believing she was missing, hired a private investigator Jake Hama to find her before it's too late. [2] The player character makes it just in time to speak with her and she points you in the direction of The Dream Palace, before resigning to her fate. Uta arrives shortly after to clean house and kills her. [3]

According to her dossier, her worst fear was becoming like her father. [1]


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