Che Garcia Hansson

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Che Garcia Hansson
Che Garcia Hansson.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Location: Hippie Camp
Coords: (114,696)
Background Information
Species: Human
Religion: Morninglight
NPC Information
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Voiced by: [[Armin Shimerman]]

Che Garcia Hansson is a member of Morninglight. He appears at the hippie camp outside of Kingsmouth.

Spoilers for One Kill Ahead      

Before the bomb, Che was ordered to visit the Fear Nothing Foundation in Kaidan, where Naonomi Tanaka introduced him to John. John was ordered to show Che around, when in actuality, Che was grooming John to be the bomber. While they were out, Che started a fight at Susanoo's Diner, at Zeroes Wild Pachinko, got kicked out of Jigoku no Yu Bathouse, and got into a dance-off with Ricky Pagan. After a long night of trouble in the city, Che bid John farewell and eventually ended up in Kingsmouth with Freddy Beaumont and Cassandra King. [1][2]

According to Che, it was around 1982 when he was introduced to the Morninglight by Beaumont. His memory of the events that occurred then are extremely foggy, so it is unclear what actually happened.





Converse The Morninglight

Hell yeah, we’re with the Morninglight. You’ve seen the flyers, you’ve seen our commercials, you’ve probably even talked to some of our good people. Can’t escape the light, my friend. It’s all-fucking-encompassing. Like air. We’re like air. Breathe it. So some people feel a need to badmouth us – big fucking deal! Happened to Jesus, happened to the Buddha, it was bound to happen to Philip Marquard as well. There are some that won’t ever see the light, y’know? They’re jealous of those who do, and they wanna destroy it. The Morninglight is about change, about improvement, about shedding our shells and, you know, sprouting wings. Like a motherfucking butterfly, my friend. We’re all about freedom. About casting off our tired old lives and starting anew, in the light of a new sun. And the end is coming, good buddy, and we need to prepare. We need to help get it done. We can’t sit and wait for the world to turn, no. We need to turn it. We need action. And the Morninglight? We’re all about the action. We’re all about making change happen, and happen right now.

Converse The fog

We were, you know, just passing through with our little band of merry fucking hippies when that shit rolled in from the sea like whipped cream on a blueberry pie. But it’s not like the fog caught us by surprised. No, man, this is what we’ve been preparing for. The end of motherfucking days. This is what the Morninglight has been preaching for years. And now? Hah! Now we’ve got the last laugh. We’re laughing our asses off. This shit? This shit is exactly what we deserved. Being prepared, we didn’t really lose anyone… important. We had some dudes run off when it first happened. Got themselves eaten alive. Could hear ‘em screaming in the night. I was, like, good fucking riddance, man. They were traitors. Cowards. They didn’t see the light. They didn’t see that we need this. That the Earth needs change. This is change. This… is change for the better. So we got stuff to keep us safe. We were prepared. Some good voodoo, man, to protect those who believed, those who trusted my word, trusted the Morninglight. Here, we got everything we need, and we’ll stay put until the end comes – and Marquard himself leads us into the brave new world. Oh, I can’t fucking wait.

Converse Beaumont

Beaumont’s got a direct line with Marquard himself. Knows him personally. That’s like knowing someone who knew Jesus, y’know? A red telephone to our motherfucking saviour. The Morninglight saved my life. Beaumont saved my life. Thirty years ago, when we met, I was a wreck. Strung out, man, and ready to roll over and die. Couldn’t move forward, didn’t have anything to live for. But the Morninglight? They gave me hope. They made me see that there’s a future for those who believe in change. I don’t remember the exact details of what happened around that time. I’m pretty sure I was in Amsterdam at some point, and then I woke up somewhere in Scotland – and after that, eh, I have a memory of being in Venice. At some point in there, Beaumont grabbed a hold of me and yanked me back into reality. All I have left from that time is a weird tattoo, a missing toe, and faith in the motherfucking Morninglight. Amen!

Converse The secret societies

So you guys, you run around like you’re young gods, like you rule the fucking planet. I gotta say, I thought I was arrogant back in the day, but I was nothing – nothing! - compared with you people. You take arrogance to a whole new level. Say what you will about the Morninglight – and it’s probably all untrue – but from what I hear about your “secret societies,” we’ve got nothing on you. The Templars, they’ll burn down a city to destroy a single demon. What the fuck is up with that? And the Illuminati – look at what they did to this place. Puppet masters who don’t give a shit about what happens to their puppets once they cut the strings. Don’t know much about this “Dragon,” but I kinda like the idea of manufactured chaos. Change, man, It’s what the Morninglight is all about. But I’m betting the Dragon doesn’t have the best interest of humankind on their minds. I bet it’s all about getting power and wealth and control. Us? We’re about setting the human spirit free. About making motherfucking butterflies, man. Go on, pretend you’re a hero if it makes you feel good. Pretend you’re all about saving mankind from the darkness. Go out there and fight evil, get your little rewards, your ranks, your whatever – it probably makes you feel good, right? Like a rat on a wheel, round and around it goes, chasing that little bit of cheese. You’re really something, aren’t you. And you dare criticise us? Motherfucking hypocrites.


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