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Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Location: Hyakumonogatari Heights
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

Yuichi Nakahara is a hikikomori living in Kaidan's Hyakumonogatari Heights tenement building where he is cared for and protected by his orphaned teenage sister Harumi Nakahara, a mission-hub ally the player first meets seeking Yuichi out as a rare surviving volunteer of the Fear Nothing Foundation.

Yuichi's conversation in mission cutscenes tends to vary between snippets of trivia and bouts of terrified ranting. He appears to be in his early twenties but is low-functioning; Bong Cha tells first-time dragon players of the mission Spiral that he's on a government hikikomori register.

He is named on several Oni assassination lists which the player finds while completing Kaidan missions and also listed as a lapsed member on a laptop in the meeting room atop FNF. He fears that he has been targeted by the Rabbit Killer and is terrified his mind will be invaded by John, despite a helmet he has built to repel hostile mental influences.

Yuichi reports he refused to do "something bad" and left Fear Nothing despite the friends, including a girlfriend, he had there. In All Alone Together Harumi has the player seek news of the girlfriend at Susanoo's Diner, from which a leads a trail of the girlfriend's notes which the player follows in Love and Origami and which names her only as "Butterfly8." In One Kill Ahead she is confimed as cynical Orochi recruiter Naonomi Tanaka, who has ultimately failed in her attempt to groom Yuichi to deliver the Kaidan Filth Bomb to Orochi Tower, a mission left, thanks to Yuichi's refusal, to John whose neurotic bungling has consequently delayed the end of the world.



Involved in

  • width Spiral - The mission ends when you get to him


  • None, you only speak with him during mission cut scenes


The voice actor for Yuichi is Kenji Watanabe