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John Copley

Background Information
Alias: John
Species: Human
Nationality: South African
Religion: Morninglight
NPC Information
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Voiced by: [[André Sogliuzzo]]

John Copley, now known as simply John, was the Kaidan bomber. [1] He was chosen to carry the bomb to the Orochi Tower after Yuichi Nakahara backed out. [2]


The bomb

John had a rough childhood growing up, with a deceased mother and a strained relationship with his father. He had trouble with social anxiety and was often excluded by his peers at school; his greatest fear was never amounting to anything. [1] John was eventually invited to the Fear Nothing Foundation in Kaidan, where he met and became infatuated with his handler Naonomi Tanaka. Naonomi soon introduced him to Che Garcia Hansson, who was flown in to inspect the Morninglight presence in Kaidan, and was asked to show him around the city. This was actually a subtle attempt at molding John into becoming the right person to be the bomber. Soon after, Che left Kaidan and John was called to meet Philip Marquard. Marquard told John about the mission he was given, describing it as delivering something to Lilith at the Orochi Tower. Marquard instilled fear into John while hiding the true intent of the attack was to murder Lilith.[3] On the way to the tower, John was overcome by his fear of Lilith when he realised Marquard had lied to him and Lilith didn't actually want him there. He detonated the bomb in the train station, and being at the epicenter of the explosion, died immediately but somehow survived as some kind of personality in the filth itself. [4]

After the bomb

After the attack, John was no longer truly alive nor human. Like other forms of the filth, John can transmit his messages through the world around him, including the ghosts of the dead and technology.

He has repeatedly expressed a deep, personal fear of Lilith because of the things Marquard told him. However, during the events of Nightmare in the Dream Palace, after seeing the player's personal experiences with Lilith in The Sound of Children, he became committed to stopping her by helping the player get into the Orochi Tower. [4]

Once the player confronted Lilith atop the tower, John quickly appeared and began a series of assaults. This lead to Lilith believing that she had finally scared John into giving up, until he revealed he never intended to beat her; it was a stall for time. The Nephilim quickly appeared, binding and taking Lilith away. [3]


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