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Type: Category:Other monsters
Difficulty Rating: [[]]
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Damage Type: No Data
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Location: Orochi Tower - Boardroom
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW


Uta is the infamous rabbit killer in Kaidan, Tokyo. Her handiwork can be seen throughout the zone, as she is sent to kill anyone and everyone associated with the The Filth bomb that decimated the city. These systematic assassinations center around the Fear Nothing Foundation, from which the bomber comes.

As the player follows clues in an attempt to figure out what happened, Uta is consistently at least one step ahead; often, the player arrives at a scene only to find that Uta has just killed the person of interest. It is not until Naonomi Tanaka in the Yasuraka Safehouse that the player is able to reach someone first to talk to them about the bomb. Naonomi informs the player that Uta is working for the Orochi Group.

When the player makes their way to Orochi Tower, Uta is one of the enemies faced in the Boardroom. Here we learn that Uta has three separate personas, each of which can act independently and has its own unique AEGIS shield. It is safe to assume that because she destroys Samael's means of communication to the room, Uta is working for Lilith, who has her own plans for Orochi Group.

Special Abilities

  • Permanent Effect:
  • Can Cast:

Related Missions

width Contract Killers - Seen in the security footage, Tier 2.
width Spiral - Mentioned by Harumi in the closing dialogue.
width Fierce Competition - Through use of Inbeda's Mask of Kan'ami, the player follows emotional trails throughout Kaidan in pursuit of Uta.
width Follow the White Rabbit - The player ventures beyond the Quarantine Wall in search of Uta.
width My Bloody Valentine (Mission) - Uta is seen in person, murdering high-ranking members of the Fear Nothing Foundation with extraordinary speed and precision.
width One Kill Ahead - Uta and the player engage in a deadly chase to find Fear Nothing Foundation executives, in which Uta always seems to be one step ahead.
width Confrontations and Revelations - Uta fights the player in the Orochi Tower Boardroom.