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Jake Yokohama
Jake Hama.png
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Location: Quarantine Area
Coords: (932,561)
Background Information
Species: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Private Investigator
NPC Information
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Voiced by: [[Togo Igawa]]

Jake Hama is a private investigator working in Kaidan. He typically works on divorce or infidelity cases, often getting the help of Kaoru in The Dream Palace to get evidence. [1]

He is currently working on a missing persons case, trying to find Naonomi Tanaka for her father, Masao Tanaka. He believes someone known as the "White Rabbit Killer" may be trying to find her as well. According to Jake, he got the job when he returned to Kaidan the day of the bomb and the army brought him in for questioning. He spoke to Tanaka, and it appears they reached and agreement where if he was let go on the promise of finding Naonomi, Jake would not release the pictures he had taken of Masao's wife.



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People call me the "Love Hotel Detective". Well, not most people, but my advertisement calls me that. And sometimes the clients call me that as well... until I tell them my name. Then they call me Jake. Jake Hama. It's actually Yokohama but I prefer the short version. Well, legally I have to use the short version. Taking bank loans as the pretend owner of an international company is frowned upon. Got fired for that too. Best thing that ever happened to me. This job, it made me into the man I am. People used to look at me and see a loser, but now, now they see a detective. A man who'll do just about anything to find out the truth. Or the near-truth. Or a lie that they are willing to pay for. Whatever. As long as I get paid.


I like this city. There's a lot of people, which means there is a lot of opportunity. Wherever you get three people gathered together, at least one of them will pay to find out what the other two are doing. Kaidan-cho is a special part of Tokyo. It's like all the things people can imagine are here, as if the dreams and nightmares of an entire city have been distilled and splashed across the suburb. Oh, and sex. Kaidan-cho has a lot of that too. I can think of worse places to be stuck in a quarantine.

Masao Tanaka

Mr Tanaka and I go way back. Almost a year. We met during a business deal near the Love Hotel. At first he wasn't impressed by my resume. But something in the way I held myself sparked his interest. Now I am working a super secret assignment for him. I'm trying to find his missing daughter. She was caught up in the Fear Nothing Foundation. Mr Tanaka wants her found, quietly, and returned to him, quietly. Mr Tanaka knows he can rely on my discretion and professionalism. I haven't mailed those photos I took to his wife, just like I promised. It's a relationship founded on mutual respect.

The Quarantine

When they put the first wall down, they thought they could contain it. But it spread. The second wall is much smaller. It simply blocks all the major routes in and out of Kaidan. It's still spreading out there, beyond the quarantine walls. If you come by at midnight, you'll see it. They drop in anybody who has been infected on the outside. Throw them into Kaidan. That's why you see new ones all the time. They keep restocking us.

The Bomb

I wasn't here when it happened. I was sleeping off a hangover in Ueno park. When I tried to get to work that day, the army grabbed me for questioning. Luckily I knew Mr Tanaka. The government had no idea what was going on. It wasn't a regular bomb, but people were going crazy. It wasn't gas - people were killing each other not choking to death. I was here in '95 when the sarin attacks happened. I could tell right away that this was worse. I don't ride the subway for a reason.

Fear Nothing

I've seen a lot of kids drift into that place. The type of kids who you see out on the streets late at night, begging for cigarettes or cheap liquor. Good people, mostly. It gets inside their heads. Changes them. Some of them became preachy and others just got kinda...quiet. I haven't seen any of them around since the bomb went off. Hope they're safe.


  • The writing on the wall behind Jake says 君はひとりじゃない - which translates to "You are not alone"

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