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Type: Non-player Character
Key people: Milosh
Headquarters: Transylvania

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The Drăculești or Order of the Dragon are a group of Romany, descendants of those who swore an oath to Vlad Dracula to hunt and fight off supernatural creatures.

First Appearance

Players first encounter the Drăculești in the Besieged Farmlands of Transylvania. Cucuvea references the Drăculești by name in Tier 3 of Mortal Sins, and Drăculești scout Zaha is the objective of Tier 4.




Main article: Lore:Draculesti

There are nine lore entries for the Drăculești, all found in Transylvania. Two can only be found while completing The Castle (Mission) for Rada Nastase in the Carpathian Fangs. The Drăculești are also mentioned in The Truce and Vampire Crusades lore entries.

Known Members

Draculesti Members
Name Role Condition
Milosh Leader
Zaha Scout
Andrash Blaga Hunter Turned into a werewolf, killed by player
Mihas Blaga Hunter
Zsolt Blaga Hunter Captured by Fang Run werwolves
Emilia Daughter of Milosh
Luminita Ward of Milosh
Tibor Ward of Milosh