Mortal Sins

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Mortal Sins
MissionTitle MortalSins.jpg
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Besieged Farmlands
Start Coords: No Data
Given by: Automatic
Type: Story
Recommended Level: 47
Requires: End Game
Virgula Divina
Reward: No Data
Repeatable: No
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.0

Vampire forces are gathering within Transylvania. You have been sent to investigate, but first you'll need to find the Council of Venice representative.

Journal Entries

Mission Story.png Mortal Sins       Story Mission
UNREPEATABLE (Recommended Level 47)
Vampire forces are gathering within Transylvania. You have been sent to investigate, but first you'll need to find the Council of Venice representative.
Tier 1
Vampires are gathering in force outside a small town in Transylvania. You have been sent to investigate. But first you should find the Council of Venice representative in the region.
  • Find Carmen Preda, of the Council of Venice
Tier 2
According to Carmen, this is a land where fairytales live, where superstition is reality. Folktales are the key; stories and smoke. Follow both to get to the source.
  • Enter the village of Harbabureşti
  • Go to the Taverna and search for stories
Tier 3
Cern and Sophie talked about the forest. It is a forest where fairies and fauns could live in peace and where people believed in them. There was always a mutual agreement between worlds here, but now the vampires are breaking the Law. Cern believes there must be something behind them pushing them on. It brings back memories of a time when this happened before - when the Owl, the Eagle, and the Dragon fought the darkness and ended the endless night. He believes their help will be needed again. Sophie knows nothing of eagles or dragons, but she's seen a friendly owl in the village.
  • Search the village for the friendly owl.
  • Follow the owl
Tier 4
Cucuvea confirmed she is the owl you've been looking for, but she says she doesn't have all the answers. Yes, this has all happened before. Vlad defeated Mara, the vampire queen, but Cucuvea doesn't know how. He failed to tell her. But he left something behind that could help, and Cucuvea believes it was left for someone like you. He also left his warriors, the Drăculești, and Cucuvea suggests you talk to some of them to find out what Vlad Dracula left and how he will help again.
  • Find the girl with the spyglass watching over the Besieged Farmlands
  • Find out more about Transylvania from Zaha
  • Reach level 48 before entering the Shadowy Forest
  • Find the circus man in the forest
  • Ask Mihas about the Romany
Tier 5
Mihas appears to be a man of few words. He only told you to go find Milosh, their leader, if you want to know more.
  • Go see Milosh
Tier 6
Milosh is a proud man ruling over a proud people. The Drăculești have been fighting creatures of the night ever since they were founded by Vlad Dracula himself, over 500 years ago. He's not usually one to believe in prophecies, he says, he believes in things you can touch, and fight. But in this case he might be willing to entertain the idea as the Drăculești were founded on prophecy, and there are stories prophesying the return of Mara, the vampire queen. Look for the prophecy where the Drăculești were founded.
  • Go to the place where the Drăculești were founded
  • Look for the Drăculești prophecy
  • Defeat The Architect
  • Pick up the Architect's diary
Tier 7
No prophecy yet, but you found the old diary of an architect - fiercely protected by his own spirit - that claims: "I constructed his final resting place in the shadow of his own chapel." Could this be the very tomb of Dracula? The diary also mentions a key, hidden in his house in the village of Iazmăciune. Find the key and look for records of the exact location of the tomb.
  • Find the key
  • Look for records of the tomb
  • Find the crypt behind the chapel
  • Unlock the tomb
  • Enter the tomb
  • Examine the tomb
Tier 8
The tomb was all but empty. There was no sign of Dracula's remains and the only thing suggesting the place could be important was an old, illegible document and some writing on the wall. The document must be key to the search for Dracula's prophecy. Look for someone who might be able to help you find its meaning.
  • Find someone who can interpret the document
Tier 9
According to Anastasia, the document is less a prophecy than it is the story of the Drăculești , about Dracula and his vow to one day return to finish what he started. It references the three warriors: the Owl, the Dragon and the Eagle. The Dragon refers to Dracula himself, she says, and the Owl you already know, but the Eagle puzzles her. She doesn't know who or what that refers to. But the text portends the day Mara returns; when the vampire queen once again spreads her darkness across Transylvania, and the Dragon must be brought back to fight her one more time.
"She who once loved and fell will rise again;
The hand that held her heart will prove her bane."
"The Three warriors stood bravely together in war;
By oath they were bound to the Sixty-and-four."
"Apa Via, the light of the morning;
Apa Moart, the final forewarning.
Joined at his tomb to bring the Dragon to life
So that he may put an end to his bitch of a wife."
By merging the waters of life and death at his tomb, Dracula will return. If the waters of life and death are physical entities, there should be physical signs of them. Look for the waters and what springs from them. Find them and bring the Dragon back to life.
  • Go to the Tree of Life
Tier 10
The Tree of Life can only spring from one source. Walk the Path of Life to gather her waters.
  • Find the source of the stream
  • Activate the source
  • Gather the Water of Life
Tier 11
As the Tree of Life led you to the spring of Apa Vie, there should be a manifestation of death to lead you to its waters.
  • Find a representation of death
  • Examine the statue of death
Tier 12
The status of death leads the way:
"In the Land of Shadows where spirits walk
seeking oblivion;
their eternal Pilgrimage
leading them to the shores of the depthless ocean
and the final embrace of the black water."
  • Find the Water of Death
Tier 13
The waters of life and death now need to be joined at the Dragon's tomb.
  • Find the Dragon's tomb
  • Enter the Dragon's tomb
  • Join the waters of life and death
Tier 14
As you added the water of life and death to their basins, they flowed and joined in the shallow pool inside the tomb. Use the egg Cucuvea gave you to gather the water, and the very essence of Dracula.
  • Gather the water with Dracula's egg to capture his essence
Tier 15
As you dipped the egg in the water, something appears to be missing from the equation, from the ritual Dracula devised. The symbol of the owl lit up on the wall, but the symbol of the eagle did not. The egg is incomplete. It lacks the Eagle's half. The only thing you have to on is the image on the wall of the Eagle. Rub the image onto a parchment and take it to the Drăculești. They may know something.
  • Take a rubbing of the Eagle on the wall
  • Talk to Milosh about the Eagle
Tier 16
When you showed the parchment to Milosh and Emilia, Emilia said there's an old man living alone in the woods, Octavian, with eagle imagery all over his little house. Maybe he knows. Seek him out and ask about the eagle.
  • Find Octavian's cabin
  • Ask the old man about the Eagle
Tier 17
Octavian is tired and has stopped believing. His days as a fighter are over and he just wants to be left alone. But he is the Eagle, and the only piece missing to bring Dracula back and fulfill his prophecy, his history, and he must be convinced it's not over yet, that there is still something left worth fighting for. Look for something that could help you persuade the man.
  • Look for something to persuade Octavian
Tier 18
Emilia has written a letter to Octavian telling him that there is always the joy of the little things, pleading with him that if he can't find that joy for himself, then he could do it for her. Maybe Emilia is the key to reawakening the old man's will to fight. Maybe putting her in a position where she would need his help would warm his cold heart.
  • Find Emilia
Tier 19
Emilia is all alone in the forest and vulnerable. There are a few boars around, but nothing that would put Emilia in harm's way. Maybe some fresh boar meat could attract some predators.
  • Kill a boar
  • Place the fresh meat near Emilia
  • Watch as Emilia is attacked, and hope that the plan works
Tier 20
Seeing Emilia in danger and saving her made Octavian see that there are still things left in life worth caring about, worth fighting for. He gave you the last part of the Dragon's egg and told you to call on him when the time is right.
  • Go back to Dracula's tomb
  • Gather Dracula's essence
Tier 21
With Dracula's essence stored in the Dragon's egg you should be ready to face darkness in the form of Mara, the Vampire Queen. Call on Dracula when the time is right. But first you have to find Mara, deep in the Carpathian Fangs.
  • Go to the Carpathian Fangs
Tier 22
You have arrived in the Carpathian Fangs, and Mara should be out here somewhere. Running an army of vampires can't be done without communication, and the best way to find Mara would be to locate one of the messengers that are bound to be around somewhere.
  • Find one of Mara's messengers
  • Follow the messenger
  • Inspect the site
Tier 23
You found Mara at the Breach, talking to some of her soldiers. They are trying to bring something out from below, something from inside the Breach itself. While watching, the spectral image of a girl, Emma, appeared and beckoned you to follow.
  • Follow Emma
Tier 24
Emma and the Smiths were at the Breach before Mara was there. The Smiths seemed to suspect Emma could have been part of what happened there, that Emma's powers made it happen. Emma herself indicated that the Owl, the Dragon and the Eagle would not be enough, that the One is missing. "The Fourth is the One," she said. "The one who was there at the court of the Dragon. When it all happened, before..."
  • Find the One
Tier 25
Callisto is the one that was here before. He was Dracula's best friend and Mara used that against them both, binding him to her and damning him with eternal life. Dracula left the key to his own resurrection with Callisto and also the key to Callisto's redemption. He cannot defeat Mara, but he can help.
  • Join Callisto at Mara's palace
  • Enter the Palace Below
  • Find a way to unlock Mara's chambers
  • Enter Mara's chamber
  • Confront Mara
  • Return to the Carpathian Fangs
Tier 26
Mara has been defeated and fleetingly reunited with her one true love: Dracula. And now, with Mara gone, it's all clear to enter the Breach.
  • Enter the Breach
Tier 27
Emma was able to disarm the defences protecting the Breach, allowing you to enter. Follow Emma and see where she leads you.
  • Follow Emma
Tier 28
As dark tentacles reached from the deep, Emma was pulled into the chasm, into the Breach. Only you can save her.
  • Follow Emma into the chasm
Tier 29
The plunge into the Breach, Emma's fading form, even the ice cliffs of the recurring dreamscape are all behind you now, on the dark shores of a dreaming sea. A familiar energy prickles at your skin from somewhere nearby. Anima, something warm in a cold dark dream.
  • Find the source of the energy
  • Find a failing Gaia Engine
  • Find the next failing Gaia Engine
  • Repair the prison or attack it


Tier 4/29

Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Mortal Sins
This has the potential to be a fascinating exercise. We like circular systems. Repetition allows for experimentation, we can analyse previous results and tweak our responses.

Beyond the mythical claptrap of mythical queens, noble lords and ancient prophecies, there's a power here that drives the elements of this system. We aren't the only ones seeking this power - obviously - but if we can decipher its message, we will be the ones holding it.

Continue the quest, and let the events lead you to its natural conclusion. You know what to do.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Mortal Sins
"This has all happened before?" The prophecy of the lazy, and it's all a bit Hammer Horror, to be honest. Vlad Dracula, vampire queens, inappropriate British accents...

But clichés are clichés for a reason, and let's not disregard the fairytales out of hand. Even the wildest stories of the magical and immortal often contain useful facts, and I don't find it particularly hard to believe that this "vampire crusade" is a cover story. The vamps are after more than just revenge on civilization for a century of terrible movies: there's something more to this. It goes deeper.

I'm thinking the Drăculești hold the key. We want that key. Get the key.


P.S. May not be an actual key.

Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Mortal Sins
The vampires are certainly a threat, but as Carmen said, it's merely a convenient crisis. Skepticism is advised when speaking with the magicals, they can be rather fanciful at times, but there must be some truth to this tale of Dracula and Mara the Vampire Queen. More than a grain: we have independent verification that a great battle was fought in this region five hundred years ago.

Proceed with caution. The forest is home to older things, and these Romany vampire hunters - the Drăculești - are skilled, I'm sure, but they are also unsanctioned and potentially disruptive. You will want to handle them with care, if you are to decipher this puzzle further.

And decipher it you must.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 15095
Anima Shards.png 0
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 1510
Anima Shards.png + 0

Tier 22/29

Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Mortal Sins
Patterns are emerging, and we are beginning to see the shape of this system. It circles the mountains, the Carpathian Fangs, and there's a source of great power at the heart of it. Everything else is... uncertain.Every event may unmoor this system, allow it to grow and spread, and we're not quite ready.

Whatever this egg may do, it's instrumental - all calculations agree on this - but we're in the dark about the rest of it. Follow the old man's advice, follow the tenets of the circular system, become the actor that fate has ordained.

There is no chosen one. Be the chosen one.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Mortal Sins
Looks like you found yourself the key. Or at least a key. Kudos.

I normally wouldn't advise making decisions based on the ramblings of immortal Roman Centurions, but I'll allow it. There's not much else to go on, to be honest, and when in doubt, listen to the crazies. It's how we got to North America in the first place.

Something's up in the mountains, and we'd like you to check it out. The laws of Epic Quests dictates that events will converge and the silver egg you're carrying is tied to whatever's going on in the Carpathian Fangs. Can't explain it, don't like it, but that's how the supernatural rolls.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Mortal Sins
We are unearthing more evidence of the events that transpired in Transylvania half a millennium ago, and you appear to have found yourself in the midst of a prophecy. Relish it, it doesn't happen very often.

You hold a key to something, but we have no information yet as to what this something is, beyond the surface facts. You are on your own, for now, and the only thing we have to go on is the word of Octavian, the Centurion. Whether he can be trusted or not is besides the point. You don't have much choice in the matter.

Scale the mountains when you're ready, and seek out the answers.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 16000
Anima Shards.png 0
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 1600
Anima Shards.png + 0

Tier 29/29

Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Mortal Sins
No Data
Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Mortal Sins
What is it with you and unexplained absences? I'm guessing the Breach is to blame. There's always trouble with wireless reception near dimensional ruptures. We're working on it.

As long as the rupture doesn't expand, I suggest just backing slowly away from this one and labelling the mission a "win." One vampire bitch staked, one ill-advised drilling operation halted. All in a day's.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall inside the Orochi boardroom right now. I'm imagining a lot of panicked meetings, maybe Chandra will actually fly out of his Singalese stronghold to attend one in person. I hear it's been a while. Whatever their official response, I think we're witnessing a power grab. Either that or they've gone mental. It's a possibility.

Come home, we've got lots to talk about!


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Mortal Sins
The effects of the Breach must have interfered with your gear. We have tried to get a hold of you since word reached us of Mara's demise.

A stellar job on conjuring the fallen prince and banishing the Vampire Queen. That should put a halt to whatever she was up to. It troubles us to learn of the events that have befallen the Orochi Group, though this might explain their erratic behaviour in Egypt. It seems that Mr Chandra isn't entirely in control of his vast empire - a fact that should be taken into consideration in the future.

But never mind that, a celebration is in order! You have done exceptionally well. Please return home when you are ready to do so, and join me in my office. I have a bottle of 1926 Macallan Fine and Rare in my desk for this very purpose.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 16000
Anima Shards.png 2441
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 1600
Anima Shards.png + 366


There are 29 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/29

Tier 2/29

Tier 3/29

  • Search the village for the friendly owl
  • Follow the owl
    • It will often fly faster than you can keep up and disappear from sight. Just keep heading in the same direction it was and keep an eye out for where it lands. It stops at:
    1. (1102,950), on a rock outcropping
    2. (1100,896), on a tree stump
    3. (1071,853), on a tree stump
    4. (1038,815), on a fence post
    5. (947,794), on the railing of a bridge
    6. (977,716), on a boulder under a tree
    7. (1009,639), on a boulder next to the cliff
      • You will hear an invisible voice say "Lilith's children are rising" and you will be attacked by two Valcean Exterminators
    8. (944,552), ending up at Cucuvea's Tree
    • A cutscene plays.

Tier 4/29

  • Find the girl with the spyglass watching over the Besieged Farmlands
  • Find out more about Transylvania from Zaha
    • Target her and interact, select her "dialogue" icon, and select "Transylvania"
    • There are four parts to her Transylvania dialogue, but you only need to listen to the first part.
    • See Zaha for a transcript of her dialogue
  • Reach level 48 before entering the Shadowy Forest
  • Find the circus man in the forest
  • Ask Mihas Blaga about the Romany
    • Select Mihas Blaga and use his dialogue box to select "The Romany"

Tier 5/29

  • Go see Milosh
    • Marked on your map
  • Cutscene plays as you approach

Tier 6/29

Tier 7/29

  • Find the key
  • Look for records of the tomb
    • "Church Records", on the floor of the building marked on your map at (293,839)
  • Find the crypt behind the chapel
  • Unlock the tomb
    • Mausoleum located at (790,543)
    • It can sometimes be hard to see, but there are white [] brackets over the door, use them (the 'Crypt lock') to open the tomb
  • Enter the tomb
  • Examine the tomb
    • There is a yellow-outlined "Stone Book" on the altar at (255,273).

Tier 8/29

  • Find someone who can interpret the document
    • Hints:
Clue 1      
As you leave the solo instance, you will find an owl waiting outside in the graveyard. Follow its direction of travel.
Clue 2      
First places it stops at is The Iele.
Next stop is near Anastasia. As you approach a cutscene will play.

Tier 9/29

Tier 10/29

  • Find the source of the stream
  • Activate the source
    • You're here for the Living Water "Apa Vie".
    • Hints:
Hint 1      
You actually need to translate "Life" into Romanian.
Hint 2      
Life is "viaţă".
Hint 3      
Spell that out on the tiles.


  • Gather the Water of Life
    • Use the basin.

Tier 11/29

  • Find a representation of death
  • Examine the Statue of Death
    • Use the statue

Tier 12/29

  • Find the Water of Death
    • Hints:
Clue 1      
Maybe this isn't the right form to find death.
Clue 2      
Maybe you need to be dead.
Clue 3      
Get killed or type /reset in the chat window to go to anima form.


    • Follow the spirits down the creek, to the South. You will end up traveling through the Lairs area
    • Find the "Fountain of Death" at (1045,313)
    • Use the fountain

Tier 13/29

  • Find the Dragon's tomb
  • Enter the Dragon's tomb
    • Use the tomb, and it will descend. You can then go through a door behind it.
    • You will enter an instance
  • Join the waters of life and death
    • Once you go downstairs, there will be an empty "Fountain of Death" and an empty "Fountain of Life". Use each of them to put the water you gathered into them. It will then run int to pool in the middle and merge.

Tier 14/29

  • Gather the water with Dracula's egg to capture his essence
    • Use the pool in the middle, "Apa Sambetei"

Tier 15/29

  • Take a rubbing of the Eagle on the wall
    • On the wall across from the entrance, you'll see the owl and dragon symbols lit up on orange, but not the eagle symbol. Use the "Scripture" below the eagle.
  • Talk to Milosh about the Eagle
    • Back in the Romany Camp
    • When you exit the Dragon's tomb, you will be attacked by Mara's Assassin in the Chapel of the Prince
    • A cutscene will play.

Tier 16/29

  • Find Octavian's cabin
  • Ask the old man about the Eagle
    • Approach Octavian inside the cabin, and a cutscene will play

Tier 17/29

  • Look for something to persuade Octavian
    • On the desk near door is a yellow-outlined letter.
O, I see something of my father in you. He must fight, because the fight is all he knows. I wish only that he could see the little victories of light in all things, all around. The morning dew, beaded on rusted tank tracks. Spiders threading their webs between abandoned pylons. After all this war is done, the sun will still rise and turn the mist to gold. I believe it more than ever. Can you not believe this too? If not for yourself, then for me? Emilia

Tier 18/29

Tier 19/29

  • Kill a boar
    • One of the Boar wandering around nearby
  • Place the fresh meat near Emilia
    • You don't have to do anything with the dead boar
    • Go over by Emilia and use the white [ ] brackets on the stump next to her
  • Watch as Emilia is attacked, and hope that the plan works
    • A cutscene will play

Tier 20/29

  • Go back to Dracula's tomb
  • Gather Dracula's essence
    • Use the water, and then select the Silver Egg by the Dragon symbol on wall
    • Received Silver Egg

Tier 21/29

  • Go to the Carpathian Fangs

Tier 22/29

  • Find one of Mara's messengers
  • Follow the messenger
  • Inspect the site
    • Head further into the area, to the spot marked on your map
    • A cutscene plays
Help for Tracking Messengers      
  • A "Werewolf Messenger" comes from Eagle's Nest at (664,1059)
  • The "Werewolf Messenger" goes into a bunker at (645,1079)
  • A "Vampire Messenger" comes out of the same bunker at and goes into another one at 884,1150
  • A "Hybrid Messenger" comes out of the bunker at and goes to a bunker at (981,953)
  • Another "Hybrid Messenger" will come out of that bunker and go to an Orochi Group site at (1039,853)
  • For each messenger, you may have to wait a short time after one goes in before the next one comes out

Tier 23/29

Tier 24/29

Tier 25/29

  • Join Callisto at Mara's palace
  • Enter the Palace Below
  • Find a way to unlock Mara's chambers
    • You will need to kill the Refuse Collectors, in the pits, for body parts.
    • When you kill them, they will randomly drop parts. You need to get a complete set of Head, Right Leg, Left Leg, Torso, Right arm, Left arm
    • Once you have all of the parts, use the altar in the middle of the room to place the body parts on the altar (you'll have to use it once for each body part)
    • A door will open on the western side of the chamber
  • Enter Mara's chamber
    • A cutscene will play.
  • Confront Mara
    • There will be four Bloodslaves helping her
    • She will cast Estranged, after each cast, 4 more Bloodslaves will appear
    • If you hide behind the statues in the room, Estranged will not hit you
    • Once she casts Estranged without hitting you, she will attack normally
    • After you defeat her, a cutscene will play
  • Return to the Carpathian Fangs
    • Head back out through the sewers the way you came in

Tier 26/29

Tier 27/29

  • Follow Emma
    • She will lead you deeper into The Chasm.
    • As she approaches enemies, she'll teleport past them. You'll have to fight through them.

Tier 28/29

  • Follow Emma into the chasm
    • Jump down into the chasm after her

Tier 29/29

  • Find the source of the energy
    • Head west into the cube of stars and purple portal
  • Find a failing Gaia Engine
    • You will hear the sound of a properly functioning Gaia Engine
    • Head north through the next portal
    • Go through 2 more portals until you are inside another Gaia Engine
  • Repair the failing Gaia Engine
    • Select the node of the engine that is not in tune with the original working Gaia Engine
    • If you listen to the sounds as each node plays you'll hear static from the bad ones. You will also notice a bit of filth on the node when it releases its light. Those are the ones that need to be repaired.
    • It should be the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th node that need to be fixed.
    • You'll have to approach the nodes before you see the white [ ] brackets around it. Use the brackets to fix the engine.
  • Find the next failing Gaia Engine
    • Go through 4 more of the white portals until you get to another purple portal
    • This time it is the last node that needs to be used
  • Find a way to enter the crater
    • Head through the purple portal to north and west
    • Go through 3 more white portals until you get to the end of the portals
    • Climb up to the rim of the crater, to the north, and find the entrance
  • Repair the prison or attack it
    • You can either repair it by using the 2 nodes not functioning properly, or attack it by attacking the 'core' stone.


Carmen Preda: You're a long way from home.
Carmen Preda: And not quite dressed for the occasion.
Carmen Preda: You're superiors, they did not explain it is cold in the Carpathians, da?
Carmen Preda: No matter. First we deal with the vampires, then the frostbite.
Carmen Preda: Do not presume you know what to expect from vampires.
Carmen Preda: From your movies, your games. The reality is dirtier.
Carmen Preda: There is no superstition in my homeland, only reality.
Carmen Preda: We grow up knowing to fear the night.
Carmen Preda: Now the night fears me.
Carmen Preda: Strange, how life turns out.
Carmen Preda: This valley was a refuge for all creatures.
Carmen Preda: The forbidden, the lost, the forgotten.
Carmen Preda: Such things whispered of in my grandmother's grandmother's time.
Carmen Preda: Today it is a battlefield.
Carmen Preda: I wonder, who would upset such a sanctuary?
Carmen Preda: It is a very convenient crisis, if something needed to be buried out here...or unearthed.
Carmen Preda: But the Council does not ask me to think, only to rally the troops.
Carmen Preda: You see the air is thick with stories and smoke?
Carmen Preda: You should follow both to their sources.
Carmen Preda: We make a big deal of folk-tales.
Carmen Preda: One brought me love, it's a sweet story, you know.
Carmen Preda: Another blinded my eye. Not so sweet.
Carmen Preda: Let's see what fortune they have for us now.
Tier 2      
Upon Entering the Tavern      
Sophie: Hello, please take a seat, can I get you something to drink?
Sophie: Go on, go on, take a seat.
Forest God: I do believe our guests receive their sustenance from more arcane waters, Lady Sophie.
Sophie: Don't mean they don't drink ale, do it?
Sophie: It's on the house, for as long as it lasts.
Sophie: Please forgive Mr Stag Head, he's not in the best of moods, poor thing, having lost home and hearth.
Forest God: Home, hearth, my kingdom, the forest...all of it succumbed to parasites,
Forest God: Filth. Our world is coming apart at the seams.
Forest God: The end is folding in on us.
Sophie: (to the Forest God) No more drink for you, sweet. You only get melancholy and we don't need that now.
Sophie: Not when you're about to help me with the ad.
Sophie: (reading from a paper on the bar in front of the Forest God) "Her skin radiant, pure and white as winter's dawn over Arcadia lost.
Sophie: She is Eve born of the earth, not of man; plump as a ripe apple, fruitful and fertile..."
Sophie: (looking up) Plump? Fertile? Oh, thanks very much, that'll just scare men off, sweet.
Sophie: (back to you) He's trying. It's a distraction for him. For me too, in lieu of better and brighter days.
Sophie: I'd like to get out. Some day. Even if I could leave right now, I wouldn't.
Sophie: His kind...they need us, to believe, to fight.
Sophie: This is all they have, these fields and forests and mountains. They've nowhere else to go.
Sophie: The world out there is not for them.
Forest God: Here will be soon be no more. My people are abandoning our sacred lands.
Forest God: Leaving only the dead to go to earth and the disease to spread.
Forest God: The power of the forest is on the wane, and a shadow falls over us all.
Sophie: This has always been a...a special place.
Sophie: A place of strong magic. I've run with faeries since I could run, the forest people protected us as long as we left their lands alone.
Sophie: It was the Law. The strigoi, the bloodsuckers...they don't respect the law.
Forest God: There is a dark and infinitely malevolent force behind this siege.
Forest God: It is a ruse, concealing some fearful machinery restarted.
Forest God: It brings forth memories of dark times befalling us, countless seasons ago, and of those who rose up against the endless night.
Forest God: The dragon, the eagle, the owl...
Sophie: Oh, I've heard this story also, from my mum. She used to sing a beautiful song...
Sophie: (hums for a few moments then stops)
Sophie: I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to sing it in English. On karaoke night, I just listen.
Sophie: Everyone's okay with that.
Forest God: The forces of darkness are stronger than ever, and those who stand against them are weakened by centuries and forgetfulness, bitterness and the embrace of the grave.
Forest God: No matter how many of you there are, with your modern magic and your steel weapons, you cannot defeat this evil...
Forest God: not without their help.
Sophie: The owl, the eagle...and the dragon?
Sophie: The dragons died a long time ago. Eagles, there are plenty of, up in the mountains, but none here.
Sophie: Owls though, I've seen owls. There's one in particular I see often, in the village.
Sophie: He hoots at me. I think it's a friendly owl.
Sophie: (looking back at the Forest God and the paper) So, what do you have so far?
Sophie: (reading) "...her bosom soft as..." Oh sweet, there's just no way I'm filling your mug again.
Tier 3      
After following the owl to Cucavea's Tree      
Cucavea: You been following me. Why is that, eh?
Cucavea: Never mind, never mind, I know why you're here.
Cucavea: You know anything about these 'puters? It's not doing what I need it to do.
Cucavea: Even a wrinkled apple can be fresh on the inside.
Cucavea: When I was born, we had miracle machines that make this look like a stone-age tool.
Cucavea: And they were a damn sight easier to use, too.
Cucavea: No-no-no, just leave it! I'll figure it out eventually, and you've more important matters to attend to.
Cucavea: Yes, I am the owl you're looking for, but I"m afraid I don't have much in the way of answers.
Cucavea: I'm going to tell you the same thing I've told the others.
Cucavea: This has all happened before. Oh yes.
Cucavea: Vlad was the one who defeated Mara, the vampire queen.
Cucavea: Can't tell you how, because he's been dead for half a millennium, and he neglected to tell me,
Cucavea: but he did leave me something of his.
Cucavea: I reckon he left a part of himself behind before he passed on, and I also reckon you'll be needing his help to take care of Mara.
Cucavea: I never could make much sense of the man. But then he is human...
Cucavea: and I'm not. He left it for someone like you, someone who could stand up to her.
Cucavea: I've held onto it for five hundred years.
Cucavea hands you a small bag
Cucavea: I have a long memory.
Cucavea: That thing isn't all Vlad left. He left behind a legacy, his own little army.
Cucavea: The Drăculești have suffered much in the five centuries since his death, but they are still around.
Cucavea: In fact, they have recently come back. I've seen them in the forest.
Cucavea: That lovely girl who uses her looking-glass to spy on the vampires, and the strapping circus boy.
Cucavea: But the one you really need to speak with is Milosh, their "king."
Cucavea: He came to pay his respects when the Drăculești arrived. I like that...
Cucavea: though he did speak too much and too loudly.
Cucavea: Not a trait you share with him, I'm happy to say.
Cucavea: If anyone knows what Vlad Dracula had prepared for Mara's inevitable rebirth, it'd be the Drăculești.
Cucavea: The news of her return are disturbing. They herald something dark.
Cucavea: There is great power in these mountains, and Mara seeks it.
Cucavea: It was never simply what's on the surface with her... And I believe this...
Cucavea: "vampire crusade" is more of a "vampire charade."
Cucavea: But that's neither here nor there. First, you should put your mind to that thing. Someone needs to.
Cucavea: Now, shoo! I'm going to see if I can't get this 'puter to do what I want it to do.
Tier 5      
When approaching Milosh      
Emilia: Hi there. My father is expecting you.
Emilia: Zaha told us, Mihas too, that you were coming.
Emilia: He should be around here somewhere...
Milosh: (Talk to Tibor and Luminita) No!
Tibor: Please?
Milosh: No!
Luminita: We'll do anything!
Milosh: No...
Milosh: You'll do anything?
Tibor: Well... Almost anything...
Milosh: I see. "Almost anything."
Luminita: We just want to help. We're so bored and...
Milosh: Bored. You're bored.
Milosh: My light, I expected more from you.
Milosh: And as for you, young man...
Milosh: If you're ever going to become the leader you need to be, you must not waver when challenged, or do something simply because you are "bored."
Milosh: You need to learn discipline, and patience.
Milosh: And the answer is no!
Emilia: (Trying to get Milosh's attention) Father?
Milosh: And if I see either of you skirting your duties today, I will make you wish you had not been born!
Milosh: (Finally noticing you) Hah! At last! The Chosen One is here!
Emilia: Father, please!
Milosh: I'm just telling a joke. You're not the first to come here, seeking glory and riches, and you will not be the last.
Milosh: All of you so eager to be the great her! To defeat the darkness! Pfha!
Milosh: Let me tell you about darkness!
Milosh: We Drăculești have been fighting vampires since Vlad Dracula himself founded our order.
Milosh: Half a millennium and change, and may generations of slayers.
Milosh: Now the cacat is hitting the ventilator again.
Milosh: A great evil is rising, a storm is coming, and so on and so on.
Milosh: Bah! I say, business as usual!
Milosh: Another day at the office, is that not what you say back in the real world?
Milosh: You can keep your oracles and your prophecies. We believe in what we can see, and touch, and fight!
Milosh: But there is just one thing...
Milosh: The difference is...
Milosh: This time, the prophecies may be accurate.
Milosh: I do not like prophecies. I find them counterproductive.
Milosh: If everyone believes the future is already written, they stop fighting. They stop caring.
Milosh: But the Drăculești... We were founded on prophecy.
Milosh: Some things are foretold, and we were once told about the return of a vampire queen, and of darker things...
Milosh: That is why we are here now.
Milosh: Prophecies are usually worthless, but there are things written in signs and symbols that may be of great value.
Milosh: We should never ignore the lessons of the past, and in this case, the past is still very much with us. Around us.
Milosh: I wish I could tell you more. All I know is that it looks, and feels, like everything is in place for what was foretold to come to pass.
Milosh: We are few, and our task is simply to do what we know to do, and nothing more. We need help.
Milosh: The Drăculești were founded on prophecy, and that prophecy remains with us in signs and symbols.
Milosh: I am not one for riddles...
Milosh: But you seem like the right person for the job.
Tier 9      
As you approach Anastasia      
Anastasia: Watch where you're stepping. There are precious plants here you can't even see with the naked eye.
Anastasia: We've got Wolfsblood and Kingsfoil, Moly and Raskovnik. There's even...
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: What do you have? Come on, let's see it. It's got him curious, and me doubly so.
Anastasia: I didn't take you for a prophecist, you don't look the part. Besides, this is not so much a prophecy as it is...
Anastasia: I knew he brought me here for a reason, and not just to read the palms of those gypsies.
Anastasia: Sorry, the Drăculești. They're fiercely proud, and this, tells their story.
Anastasia: It is interesting. And what I find the most interesting is what it doesn't say.
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: Alright, alright, I'm not forgetting about you.
Anastasia puts her hand on the wagon and bows her head in concentration. A wind picks up and leaves blow about.
Anastasia: Quite. I guess that's why we're here also. Always a good reason, never immediately obvious.
Anastasia: I'd say this one is pretty clear, however.
Anastasia: "She who once loved and fell will rise again;
Anastasia: the hand that held her heart will prove her bane."
Anastasia: Well. Clear-ISH. As these things go.
Anastasia: There's plenty of references to the three: the Owl, the Eagle and the Dragon.
Anastasia: "The Three warriors stood bravely together in war; by oath they were bound to the Sixty-and-Four."
Anastasia: The Owl I reckon you're familiar with. I know nothing about the Eagle, but the third...
Anastasia: The Dragon, Vlad Dracula himself, is past due to be brought back from the Apa Sâmbetei, from beyond death.
Anastasia: Ought to be interesting, seeing what history has made of him.
Anastasia: In my trade, you quickly learn to distrust historians.
Anastasia: What I do know is that he famously fought his lover-turned-vampire, Mara,
Anastasia: but he was unable or unwilling to destroy her completely.
Anastasia: Love, such a lamentable thing. I've learned to stay far away.
Anastasia: We do know that Mara is back and in charge of a vast army of vampires,
Anastasia: through her purpose lies somewhere in the mountains, beyond our understanding.
Anastasia: And he who held her heart, Dracula, is the only one who can banish her again.
Anastasia: Apa Vie and Apa Moartă. The water of life and the water of death,
Anastasia: two halves of a circle, to be mixed with Apa Sâmbetei.
Anastasia: I can only assume they'll trigger a chemical reaction of sorts,
Anastasia: to bring back his life force from the World Ocean where it's been floating for all these years. Like a seed...
Anastasia: It's almost like working with my flowers. Making something grow and bloom from almost nothing.
Anastasia: "Apa Vie, the light of the morning; Apa Moartă, the final forewarning.
Anastasia: Joined at his tomb to bring the Dragon to life, so that he may put an end to his bitch of a wife."
Anastasia: I'm paraphrasing, of course.
Tier 15      
As you go to Milosh to ask him about the Eagle      
Milosh: Hmm. You're not wrong, it is clear enough now that this prophecy concerns us.
Milosh: Cucuvea, the owl, and the dragon...Dracula. But the eagle...
Milosh: There's nothing in our history about an eagle.
Emilia: It's a Roman eagle. Father-
Milosh: I thought I told you to stay away from him, Emilia.
Emilia: He's a good man.
Milosh: He's a man.
Emilia: He's old! He's...really old.
Milosh: Ha! That did not stop your mother.
Emilia: I'm going to stop listening to you now.
Emilia: There's a man who lives in the mountains nearby. Octavian. The eagle is all over his house. It's carved into door frames, hung on walls,
Emilia: he carries a medallion, it's everywhere... The Roman eagle.
Milosh: Not this nonsense again!
Emilia: Octavian has spoken about arriving here with Roman legionnaires...almost two thousand years ago.
Milosh: Bah! He's lying!
Emilia: And you know this...because?
Emilia: It's not like he'd be the first immortal I ever met. Or ever will meet.
Milosh: Fine, fine, there's an infinite supply of immortals, but Octavian is not one of them.
Milosh: He's just a sad, old man who likes the company of...
Emilia: Of what? Of what, papa? Come on, say it.
Emilia: Say it!
Milosh: Of a beautiful girl! Young woman.
Emilia: That's all, is it? That's the only reason him and I are friends?
Emilia: Not because I'm intelligent, or, courteous, or friendly, or interesting...
Emilia: But because I'm young, and pretty.
Milosh: This is not at all what I meant, sweet daughter of mine.
Emilia: Don't...even. And don't talk to me ever again!
Emilia storms off her to trailer
Milosh: Ohhh! Gaia cursed me with daughters and no sons.
Milosh: At least the rest of them are married off and have escaped this life.
Milosh: I hate to admit it, but she is often right. She's smart, smarter than me,
Milosh: and if there was any justice she would take on my mantle when I pass.
Milosh: But the law is the law and only a male heir can wear this crown.
Milosh: We don't actually have a crown. It's a metaphorical one.
Milosh: I would not waste my time with this Octavian character. Even my daughter, bless her heart, makes mistakes.
Milosh: And he is one of them. He's a bitter and lonely old man who spins tales to win the favours of a young woman. He cannot possibly be your Eagle.
Milosh: You will have to keep looking, I'm afraid. There's nothing more I can tell you.
Milosh: And now to do a father's duty and apologise for being an ass.
Milosh: Emila? Emilia! Your father has been a royal fool!
Tier 16      
Asking Octavian about the Eagle      
Octavian: Come for the Eagle, have you? Hm. He left a long time ago.
Octavian: Go on, off with you. Find someone else to pester, and let me sleep.
Octavian: Why won't you let an old man simply rest in peace?
Octavian: The irony of immortality. I've been seventy years old for near on two millennia,
Octavian: with every ache and pain that comes with it.
Octavian: Lilith knew exactly how to make me suffer.
Octavian: And then there's bloody Dracula and his bloody Drăculești...
Octavian: She cursed me with immortality, he with responsibility.
Octavian: I've been waiting since he passed. The fate of this world, he said, in my hands.
Octavian: Well, fuck that. Fuck the world. Fuck Dracula and Mara and Lilith.
Octavian: Fuck everyone trying to turn the Earth into their own twisted paradise.
Octavian: I know Emilia means well, the sweet girl...
Octavian: but she's as cursed with the innocence of youth as I am with the bitter taste of old age.
Octavian: I've had enough of it, and I only want to be left be.
Octavian: There is nothing worth saving in this world, and perhaps the end of it will also see an end to my curse.
Octavian: Perhaps the death of everything will allow me to finally...
Octavian: "What we do in life echoes in eternity." But what if you life is eternal?
Octavian: What becomes of the echoes? I'll tell you. I'll tell you!
Octavian: They thunder and roar. They become deafening reminders of your failures.
Octavian: They remind you that you once stood with the blood of murdered friends on your hands,
Octavian: and that it was all for naught. And when you've listened long enough,
Octavian: you realise there's no absolution, no redemption. No point to any of it.
Octavian: So don't tell me how we can change the world, and how I am needed.
Octavian: This world has nothing left to offer me, nothing worth saving,
Octavian: and I couldn't care less if it all burned.
Octavian: Just leave me alone...
Tier 19      
As Emilia is being attacked by wolves      
Emilia: Help!
Octavian appears, swinging an axe
Octavian: Get away from her!
Emilia: I knew you'd come.
After Emilia is saved by Octavian      
Emilia: Thank you for saving me, Octavian. I thought you believed that nothing was worth saving.
Octavian: I'm not without a heart, Emilia.
Emilia: No! I know that you're not heartless. You're good.
Octavian: I just don't see the point of fighting anymore.
Emilia: Even if it's just to save one person's life, it's worth the fight.
Emilia: It's worth the pain and the suffering, it's worth the sacrifices.
Emilia: If you can love one person, and protect that person...
Emilia: Then your life has been worth living.
Octavian: And if it's all destined to happen again? What then?
Emilia: Then someone else will stand up and fight.
Emilia: And some day, maybe the circle is broken, and we win, and move on.
Emilia: Maybe this is that time...and maybe not.
Emilia: But even if it isn't, we keep fighting, to give others the chance to live and die and love and fight.
Emilia: Let them decide whether or not their existence is pointless.
Emilia: I think you'll find that most of them will choose to live, and love, and fight.
Emilia: I would. I want that choice.
Emilia: And if you can give us that choice, even if you've given up all should.
Emilia leaves
Octavian pulls something out of his pocket and talks to you
Octavian: I've kept it for so long, even after I stopped believing in it.
Octavian: He gave it to me, for safekeeping. Vlad.
Octavian: Said I'd know when to use it, when the time was right again.
Octavian: This is for her. Not for you or what you represent. But for her, and what she represents.
Octavian: She's right. The circle may be broken yet. But if not this time...
Octavian: You'll need to head up into the mountains. They're digging again, deeper than ever, and whatever is happening down there...
Octavian: It's a ruse. Mara is planning something big, the end of this world.
Octavian: This is our last chance, of that I'm sure.
Tier 22      
When you follow the messengers, you see Mara come up to some hybrid vampires      
Mara: What the fuck are you doing out here? Get back to work!
Vampire: Apologies, Mistress Mara, but we can't do anything more. We're...
Mara: You will continue to work until I tell you otherwise. Do you think She will be as accommodating as I have been?
Mara: No. She will have you all tossed into the Breach.
Vampire: Every day, we lose more. The workers are getting restless. There are strange gravities, if we go on...
Vampire: What more can we do? We are scratching at an impossible door.
Mara: Whatever is in there, we're going to open it up and bring it out.
Vampire: But Mara, it's not-
Mara: No excuses. Get it done!
Mara: She'll be here soon, and She won't give any of us the benefit of the doubt.

Mara continues into the dig site. Emma appears suddenly behind you.

Emma: What are you doing here?
Emma: Follow me. I need to show you something.
Tier 23      
After you follow Emma Smith to the Smith's Cabin      
Emma: This is where my memory ends. Beyond this point...
Emma: you're on your own.
Emma: It's important that you understand. You need to see for yourself.

Emma creates some sort of energy discharge that affects a nearby computer terminal. You begin the see recordings on it.

The first recording appears to be Winston Smit creating a video journal when he is interrupted by Julia Smith and Emma

Winston: We fled the Breach. There was an attack...
Winston: Mutations. Vampiric mutations, I don't exactly...
Winston: I didn't recognise the morphology, and um...
Winston: They were led by what could only be a pureblood vampire, possibly a true queen, although we have no records off...
Julia: (from off-camera) Sit. Down.
Emma comes in and sits on the couch next to Winston. Julia stands behind the couch
Winston: Are you okay? Emma?
Julia: Don't talk to her. She'll find a way to get inside your head.
Emma: ...tired...
Julia: Do not talk.
Winston: Julia... Please. She's just a child.
Julia: Just a child? Just a child?!
Julia: Winston, she knew they were coming. For all we know, she brought them there!
Winston: Whatever you may think, she didn't bring them on purpose, Julia.
Winston: They came for her. And we're the ones who opened Pandora's Box in the first place.
Winston: I mean, what we did was...
Julia: (noticing the camera) Is that thing on?
Julia: Don't tell me you're recording this.

Winston gets up and turns the camera off. The scene shifts slightly and Emma is now on the couch by herself, talking to her teddy bear

Emma: You need to go get help, okay?
Emma: Something bad is going to happen here.
Emma: They're still coming for me, and I can't do this on my own.
The teddy bear is not in the next frame
Emma: They made me open it. And now, it's almost too late.

The scene changes again. This time it appears to be Winston and Julia's bedroom, with Winston perhaps making a video for a report. Julia is pacing in the background

Winston: All the sites appear to have been hit concurrently.
Winston: There was a coordinated attack on the Prometheus Initiative. We believe...
Julia: The research, our equipment.
Julia: They were coming for all of it. And the subject...
Winston: Emma was most likely their primary target, but we got her out of there.
Winston: We also brought with us the most important papers and samples, but we don't yet know what they got their hands on.
Julia: The self-destruct sequence was terminated.
Julia: That can only be done by someone with the right codes, the right access, the right bio-metric readings. It was...
Winston: It was an inside job.

The scene changes again. This time it is Emma sleeping on a bed, talking in her sleep. Winston and Julia are off-camera

Emma: Not done... Not done... The owl...the eagle...
Emma: The dragon must... She's coming. She's coming!
Julia: (walking over to Emma's side) Who? Who's coming?
Emma: She is... They are.
Julia: (to Winston) What's she talking about?
Winston: Emma's not been sleeping well since the incident at the Breach.
Winston: Her readings are all over the place, and she appears fixated on a particular sequence of words and phrases.
Winston: I'm actually getting a bit concerned...
Emma: They are waking up.
Emma: She must be stopped.
Julia: (to Emma) What are you talking about?
Emma sits up and looks at Julia
Emma: Go. Away!
Julia backs away. Emma then looks at the camera, as if talking to you
Emma: You have to stop them. They're almost through.
Emma: There is a piece missing. Find the missing piece. Find the One.
Emma: The Fourth is the One. The one who was there at the court of the Dragon.
Emma: When it all happened, before... Before...
Emma: Before they wake up. Before...they...wake...up...
Emma appears to fall back asleep then
Julia: Jesus Christ. What was that?
Winston: I have no idea, but knowing Emma...

The scene changes back to the camera that was being used earlier when Winston was filing his report, but you can see Emma on the bed behind him - it appears to be immediately after the last scene and just a shifting of cameras.

Winston: Considering what she's capable of, I have a very bad feeling about all of this.
Tier 24      
When you find "The One"      
Callisto: (as you come into the cave and look at some books on a desk) Do you make it a habit to barge into people's homes and rifle through their most private belongings?
Callisto: I may be a monster in your eyes, but I still deserve to be treated like a person.
Callisto: I do not feed on your kind, all I ask for in return is to be left...alone...
Calliso notices the egg in your hand
Callisto: I always knew this day would come. After all, He told me so.
Callisto: May I? (asking to see the egg)
Callisto: Of course, He would not tell me where He concealed this.
Callisto: I can only assume that He felt there was no trust left between us after what I did to Him.
Callisto: It was Her, all Her.
Callisto: Vlad Dracula was my dearest friend, and Mara used that against me. Against both of us.
Callisto: And then, cursing me with an eternity of regret, She made me...into...this!
Callisto: My flesh was weak, granted, but I never meant to betray His trust.
Callisto: He came to me before His untimely death, told me that repentance was possible...
Callisto: But I would have to stay here, wait for the time to come when She would rise again.
Callisto: And aid whoever would bring His life force back.
Callisto: For five hundred years, I have waited. All because of Him. Cursed His name.
Callisto: I know He gave me the key to His resurrection for one reason. Not because we were still friends, it was too late for that.
Callisto: And not because He truly trusted me, we were bitter enemies at the end.
Callisto: No, He made me a part of His legacy - His prophecy - because He knew that I am Mara's one weakness.
Callisto: To get to Him, She risked everything and made me into who I am.
Callisto: I am Her creation. She is my queen and my maker. And that...
Callisto: That makes Her very afraid of me.
Callisto: Mara is merely the tip of the fabled iceberg, floating in a vast, dark ocean.
Callisto: But She is important. Without Her, they will stumble. Do not ask me any more than that, because I do not know. I hear fragments, I read broken sentences. That is all.
Callisto: Whatever She is doing here, it must be stopped, at once.
Callisto: It is beyond dangerous. We can all feel it, how close the darkness is.
Callisto: I cannot defeat Her, of course. But I can help you get to Her.
Callisto: And I can help you bring Him back. Together...
Callisto: we may just have the whisper of a chance against Mara and her army.
Tier 25      
Meeting Callisto      

When you meet Callisto outside of the Dragon's Castle, there are some red magical lines barring the door. Callisto begins to dispel them.

Callisto: Only with me could you pass through her barriers. I am her creation and her Achilles' Heel.
Callisto: This is it. Beyond this point, there's no way back.
When you enter Mara's chambers      
Mara: (to Callisto) You treacherous little shit.
Callisto: Now that's a bit ironic, isn't it? Coming from you?
Mara: I don't see how it would be.
Mara: You brought company for dinner. How considerate.
Mara: I enjoy your kind, there's nothing like a good fight before a meal.
Mara: I miss the opportunity to...flex.
Mara: (to Callisto) I'll deal with you after. I'm thinking...
Mara: sulfuric acid.
After fighting Mara      
Mara: It's futile. I could've told you that, saved you time.
Mara: There is nothing you can do to...
Mara: (Noticing Callisto holding the egg) that?
Callisto: I brought more than present company, Mara. I also brought the past. Look...
Callisto: How did he put it again? The Owl, the Eagle...and the Dragon.
Callisto: His words, his prophecy.
Callisto: He defeated you and your Mistress once before, Mara.
'Callisto: And now he will...once again.
Callisto puts the egg on the ground. In a flash of light, Vlad Dracula appears
Vlad Dracula: Mara. My love.
Mara: No it's's not possible!
Vlad Dracula: And yet, here I am.
Mara: You're dead.
Vlad Dracula: What is it they say?
Vlad Dracula: Love never dies...
Mara: Oh please, spare me. You're not even real.
Vlad Dracula: Real enough to destroy you.
Mara: Love never dies, right?
Vlad Dracula: No Mara, but now you will!
Vlad Dracula: For I am vengeance. I am your bane. And you will fall!
Instead of fighting, Vlad hugs Mara to him. Smoke pours from her. The image of a spirit appears, and then the smoke dissipates
Mara changes appearance slightly, to a dark-haired woman, and then collapses to the ground
Mara: Oh... My head... What happened?
Vlad Dracula: You fell asleep, my love. For a long time.
Mara: I had a terrible dream...
Vlad Dracula: Shhh, you're safe now.
Mara: So tired...
Vlad Dracula: Just go back to sleep, my love. I'll watch over you.
Mara: Thank you. I love you...
Vlad Dracula: And I love you, Mara. Every time.
Mara falls asleep, and then Dracula stabs her in the heart with a dagger
Mara begins to glow with a pink glow and then dissolves into specks of light
Dracula begins to glow with a blue glow, and then also dissolves into specks of light
The two sets of light swirl around for a bit and then disappear
Tier 27      

At you approach the chasm, a scene takes place at the Orochi van overlooking the chasm. Lilith is standing to the side of the van, and Samael Chandra begins talking to her over an intercom or radio. While it's easy to overhear the conversation, it's difficult to see the Lilith unless you run ahead of Emma.

Samael: What is this? What's going on?
Samael: Someone talk to me right now.
Samael: Lilith. What's the meaning of this?
Samael: Don't tell me that...
Samael: I should have realized that you were involved somehow.
Samael: But why? What's in it for you?
Samael: You had everything you ever wanted.
Samael: Infinite wealth, immortality, a legion of lovers...
Samael: Me.
Samael: I refuse to believe this is something you have orchestrated.

As you and Emma stand at the edge of the chasm

Emma: There's something down there. Something old. Something terrifying.
Emma: I don't know what lies beyond, but it's whispering.
A black cloud comes up out of the chasm and takes Emma
Looking for the Power Source      
Dreamer: Our imprisonment has blinded us.
Dreamer: We're insensitive to the needs of humans, and we've forgotten what it is to be free.
Dreamer: We do what we do simply because we are in pain. Please forgive us.
Dreamer: We don't often apologise, but we feel we may have misjudged you.
Dreamer: Please allow us to repair our relations. You won't regret it.
Dreamer: Those who are merciful will receive mercy in return. Please, have mercy.
After First Gaia Engine      
Dreamer: You are better than this, better than being a mere tool in their hands.
Dreamer: Come on, wake up! Smell the stench of betrayal!
Dreamer: What are they trying to hide from you? Ask yourself that question.
Dreamer: You humans are so proud of your free will. Use it!
Approaching the Prison      
Dreamer: Use your free will to make this right. Don't let them manipulate you any more.
Dreamer: Free us, and help us reshape your world into paradise.
Choose to Attack      
Dreamer: You have pledged yourself to us.
Dreamer: Your free will has brought you closer, and now we too are closer to waking.
Dreamer: We will whisper to you when the time comes.

An angelic looking man from the Nephilim descends from the sky on wings of energy. He lands, and his wings disappear. He comes over to talk to you.

Nephilim: Interesting... I can never tell with you humans, what lurks beneath the surface.
Nephilim: Free will is a curious thing.
Nephilim: We are standing on the source of boundless power.
Nephilim: Power that can change this world, all worlds, and bring light to the darkest places.
Nephilim: The bonds that contain this power are weakening, and we have to be watchful.
Nephilim: No one benefits if They are unleashed without governance.
Nephilim: Together, your kind and mine can control and harvest this power and work to bring about the dawn of a new Earth.
Nephilim: A new Gaia.
Nephilim: Free will is a fickle thing. I will never understand it.
Nephilim: Nor can I claim to understand humans...but I believe I understand you.
Nephilim: And I believe that, in time, we can find an understanding.
Nephilim: Be cautious and vigilant. Dark days are coming, and you will be asked to make choices.
Nephilim: Don't let free will blind your path.
Choose to Repair      
Dreamer: After all we've offered you, all we've done...
Dreamer: You and your kind will regret what you've done to us.
Dreamer: You could have had it all, but now your world will only burn.

An angelic looking woman in white from the Grigori descends from the sky on wings of energy. She lands, and her wings disappear. She comes over to talk to you.

Grigori: We meet again, as before, in a dream. But not yours.
Grigori: If only the others had chosen as you have. The prisons are weakening. We cannot linger.
Grigori: I should not be speaking to you. Not even here.
Grigori: It may change things. It may change everything.
Grigori: But as long as they interfere, so must we.
Grigori: You must leave, before it finds a way into your mind. The first battle is won but the war goes on and they grow stronger.
Grigori: The Eight have long memories, and you will be remembered. We will speak again. Soon.
Grigori: Be cautious and vigilant. Dark days are coming, and you will face much greater threats.
Grigori: Go back. Rebuild. Prepare.

Other Information



  • The Valcean Exterminators that ambush you in tier 3 are level 1.


  • Apa Vie - Apa Vie is Romanian for "Water of Life", also known as Zhivaya voda - Living Water - It brings the dead back to life
  • Apa Moartă - Romanian for "Water of Death", also known as Mertvaya voda - Dead Water, which heals the wounds of a corpse.
  • Apa Sâmbetei - Is a river that carries the souls of the dead down to hell





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