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Region: Transylvania
Zone: Shadowy Forest
Location: Romany Camp
Faction: Drăculești
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

Tibor is a member of the Drăculești and Romany. When his father died, Milosh, leader of the Drăculești, started taking care of him and his mother. They live in the Romany Camp in the The Shadowy Forest, and Tibor can usually be found with Luminita.



Involved in


Random Dialogue

These dialogues will appear randomly when near Luminita and Tibor.

Random #1
Tibor: Well I've seen shapeshifters.
Luminita: No big deal. I've seen zombies. Rotting zombies.
Tibor: Oh, cool- I mean, pffft, zombies. I've seen ghouls.
Luminita: Ghouls are okay. Not as cool as Revenants, though.
Tibor: You've seen a revenant?
Luminita: Sure. Once. From a distance. But still!
Tibor: Oh yeah? Well, I've...I've seen a scarecrow!
Luminita: A scarecrow? What's so scary about a scarecrow?
Tibor: A living scarecrow. With buttons for eyes, and a chainsaw.
Luminita: Oooh... I once saw a clown.
Tibor: I don't like clowns.
Luminita: Me neither. Especially when they have long teeth and glowing red eyes and big, big knives, and they're chasing you.
Tibor: Lets talk about something else.
Random #2
Tibor: A sword will always defeat magic.
Luminita: Really? A sword. Defeat magic. That's funny.
Tibor: It's true! Magic is just...trickery. Steel is real. That's what Mihas says.
Luminita: And you know what Zaha says? The Word is mightier than the Sword. Word...sword. Get it? Steel, real, word, sword. No?
Tibor: No, and that doesn't even make sense.
Luminita: Boys.
Random #3
Luminita: Zaha says that Gaia is protecting herself, that's why there're so many visitors with magical powers.
Tibor: Mihas says that it's natural evolution. Where there's a rising threat, the human species automatically, um, automatically evolves the right knid of...kind of defence mechanisms. Like white blood cells.
Luminita: Do you even know what any of that means?
Tibor: No. But it makes more sense than just "Gaia protecting herself."
Luminita: Sometimes the easiest answer is the correct answer.
Tibor: Just saying "it's magic" isn't the easiest answer, it's the laziest answer is what Mihas says. I think he must like Zaha, because he's always disagreeing with her.
Luminita: Then he's out of luck, because Zaha doesn't like boys.
Tibor: What do you mean, she doesn't like boys?
Luminita: She likes girls.
Tibor: Oh. Aw.
Tibor: Oh.


Tibor: Hi, I'm Tibor.
Luminita: And I'm Luminita.
Tibor: We're Drăculești. That means we're vampire slayers.
Luminita: And witches.
Tibor: She wants to be a witch, like Zaha.
Luminita: And he wants to be a fighter, like Mihas.
Luminita: But Milosh is training him to be king.
Tibor: Shut up!
Luminita: It's true. You're the boy prince, destined for greatness!
Tibor: And you'll be a witch.
Luminita: I'm fine with that.

The Romany

Luminita: We are the Drăculești, but that's not all we are.
Luminita: We take care of each other. We are a family.
Tibor: When my papa died, Milosh took care of my mama and me.
Luminita: Milosh is like a father to all of us.
Tibor: He's very strict.
Luminita: But he means well. He keeps us safe.
Tibor: I wish he'd keep us safe without using the cane.
Luminita: Well, you do deserve it.
Tibor: That's probably true.

The Secret World

Tibor: Everything is true.
Luminita: Everything.
Tibor: And dark days are coming.
Luminita: They are.
Tibor: That's what everyone keeps saying.
Luminita: We're getting a little tired of hearing it, to be honest.
Tibor: But we're prepared.
Luminita: We can fight it. We can stop it.
Tibor: It's what we do.
Luminita: That's right. It's what we do.