Rada Nastase

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Rada Nastase
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Coords: (512,768)
Background Information
Species: Human
Nationality: Romanian
Occupation: Socialite
NPC Information
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Voiced by: [[Miranda Raison]]

Rada Nastase is a socialite in the Morninglight. She is in her early twenties and was at one point a candidate to be the Kaidan bomber, but ultimately John was chosen. Because of her fragile mental state, the Morninglight consider her to be a potential risk and obstructive person if she ever goes off medication. Adrian Zorlescu watches over her at the Morninglight Cabin in the Carpathian Fangs to ensure that doesn't happen.[1]

Rada's first experiences with the Morninglight began when her parents made her take the Morninglight Personality Test after she was discharged from the hospital. [2] Some of her relatives also belong to the Morninglight, frequently donating to the cult. The castle was originally their summer home, but eventually passed ownership to the Morninglight.[3] At some point in time, Philip Marquard spoke with Rada Nastase and other Morninglight operatives at the castle. [2]



Involved in

Other Information

From her Morninglight tablet dossier:

  • Favorite Animal: Dog
  • Favorite Color: None
  • Favorite Food: None
  • Greatest Fear: Being alone with her thoughts



Rada Nastase: Before it all started, this second life of mine...
Rada Nastase: I don't mean the rehab, or the parties after,
Rada Nastase: the drugs, the bad boys and rude girls.
Rada Nastase: I mean Morninglight.
Rada Nastase: Youth meetings and sermons, spreading the new message.
Rada Nastase: Before then, I would dream of floating in warm water.
Rada Nastase: In the Adriatic perhaps, my parents summered there when I was a little girl.
Rada Nastase: Buoyed by the waved, feeling safe and calm.
Rada Nastase: Now I have dreams of a cold sea,
Rada Nastase: nowhere I've ever been to, and I'm sinking, slowly sinking.
Rada Nastase: I'm not afraid of drowning, but I know something is there beneath me.
Rada Nastase: Down in the salt and the dark.
Rada Nastase: I'm not sure it's a good feeling.
Rada Nastase: Does that not sound like a nightmare?


Rada Nastase: The last time I was in these mountains...
Rada Nastase: I can't even have been a teenager.
Rada Nastase: Nothing seemed wrong with the world then, maybe boredom.
Rada Nastase: 'Course it wasn't really that way. But a child doesn't care.
Rada Nastase: On clear nights in the Carpathian spring,
Rada Nastase: you could look up and see right out to the edge of the galaxy.
Rada Nastase: The bright lines of shooting stars.
Rada Nastase: My cousins would ask "What do you think's looking back at us?"
Rada Nastase: There are no clear skies anymore.
Rada Nastase: No more wondering questions, just the grey and the blood and the dread.
Rada Nastase: Would you tell me something good can ever happen again?
Rada Nastase: I don't even care if it's a lie.

Conversations with Adrian

NOTE: These are not part of Rada's or Adrian's regular dialogue, and can only sometimes be randomly heard while idling in their vicinity without interacting with them.

Rada's Dream

Rada Nastase: Adrian, I had a dream, the strangest dream--
Adrian Zorlescu: Of course you did, you're wasted. But I'm not your dream diary.
Rada Nastase: You were there, I think, and angels too...black-winged angels with eyes like dying stars.
Adrian Zorlescu: Wait, what? Continue.
Rada Nastase: Everyone's floating, dissolving, changing. Metamorphosis. We are butterflies dragged screaming into the chrysalis. I saw the terrible caterpillars that re-emerged. There's constant fighting, but no one knows who the enemy is...something's rising.
Adrian Zorlescu: Yes. Something more evil than the word can contain.
Rada Nastase: I can't describe it, the shapes, the colours, the sound of it... No, I remember the sound, I remember thinking it was a signal. The signal at the end. What does it mean?
Adrian Zorlescu: You'll find out. Soon.

Alina Florea

Rada Nastase: Will Alina come back?
Adrian Zorlescu: I doubt it, one way or the other.
Rada Nastase: Then you killed her, like you killed the others.
Adrian Zorlescu: I didn't kill anyone. They brought it on themselves. If you play with vampires, you're gonna get bitten. I only encouraged them.
Rada Nastase: Why, why won't you let me die? I'm not even afraid anymore, not even when the pills wear off.
Adrian Zorlescu: Tormenting the others was my hobby, but you're...you're different. You didn't want the power, the thrill, the free ride. Just a lost girl who knew how much trouble she'd got into. An immaculate victim. No, Rada, I'm keeping you around. You get to see what you've suffered for.

Adrian Zorlescu

Rada Nastase: We drink until the drinks run out. Take drugs until the drugs run out. You toyed with the others until you let them run out. I expected I would die in a car wreck, I dreamed of it. This is so much slower. Are you listening? Why don't you just go out and join the monsters, Adrian, you are one after all.
Adrian Zorlescu: Do you remember your last tantrum? Now you have no television. Perhaps I should take some of the wards down. Just enough for them to get inside. Hmm?
Rada Nastase: What gave you so much hate, Adrian? It's not the Morninglight. You were like this way before them.
Adrian Zorlescu: Bad childhood.
Rada Nastase: I had problems too. You know about them, course you do, you know it all. I could still help you.
Adrian Zorlescu: Oh, but you are helping, Rada. Drink up.


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