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Region: [[:Category: Characters|]]
Zone: Transylvania
Location: Besieged Farmlands
Coords: (475,878)
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
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Voiced by: [[Miranda Raison]]

Zaha is a member of the Drăculești, and spends much of her time spying on the vampires in Transylvania and makes plans for killing them.



width The Girl Who Kicked the Vampire's Nest
width The Cost of Magic

Involved in

width Mortal Sins - Objective of Tier 4
width Bearing Gifts - Handwritten note in windmill
width Spy vs. Spy - Laptop at top of Observatory



Dialogue 1
Zaha: My story, it should be like this:
Zaha: "I am Romany, I hunt monsters."
Zaha: I wish that was all there was to say.
Zaha: I did not want to become like this: a witch.
Dialogue 2
Zaha: But you, you are an outsider, you cannot understand.
Zaha: Just as I cannot be like you.
Zaha: The bright tunnels beneath the earth, I have seen them.
Zaha: In the cities, the show-offs in their uniforms, I have seen them.
Dialogue 3
Zaha: Your people call themselves heroes, but for generations, my people have died unknown in the mud,
Zaha: fighting the terrors of the night.
Zaha: For the longest time, we were slaves in this country.
Zaha: Slaves, even if we kept the beasts from the doors of those who abused us!
Dialogue 4
Zaha: We do not ask for recognition.
Zaha: We answer only to ourselves, and that makes us strong.
Zaha: We know who we are. Or, well...
Zaha: I did know, until magic changed me.
Zaha: I think you understand that story.


Dialogue 1
Zaha: To come to this valley, it is like a holy pilgrimage for my clan,
Zaha: for the Draconists.
Zaha: Milosh, he says this place is our homeland.
Zaha: But he was born on the roads, just like all of us.
Zaha: He means that our order began here.
Zaha: The Order of Dracula, the Dragon.
Dialogue 2
Zaha: And they call him strigoi now! A vampire!
Zaha: They do not know anything about history - about the secrets we have sworn to protect.
Zaha: Dracula hated all creatures of the shadows, he fought them.
Zaha: He died to protect us all.
Zaha: It makes me sad that the valley where Dracula made his stand against them has become their secret refuge.
Dialogue 3
Zaha: Here, the creatures live as if no time has moved on.
Zaha: As if wild animals still walk city streets and people huddle around fires muttering prayers!
Zaha: The villagers accept it.
Zaha: They shrug their shoulders and say the night has teeth,
Zaha: the old forest is no place for men. Or women.
Dialogue 4
Zaha: You see what has happened.
Zaha: Monsters cannot exist alongside us.
Zaha: There will only be peace, our duty will only be finished, when they are all destroyed.
Zaha: And what is left for the Romany when the monsters are gone? I think...
Zaha: I think I would like to have a bookstore, then.

The Romany

Dialogue 1
Zaha: We Romany are a travelling people.
Zaha: There is never resting, never staying in one place longer than we must.
Zaha: Live is just a stop between new roads.
Zaha: Sharpening stakes, comparing scars.
Zaha: Sundown is always coming somewhere.
Dialogue 2
Zaha: It has been, I think, fifteen years without my parents.
Zaha: I measure time by the changing of trucks and cars and caravans.
Zaha: A sickness took my mama, and my papa,
Zaha: I do not know what took him.
Zaha: He left one morning to hunt and he never came back.
Dialogue 3
Zaha: My papa and mama are remembered well in the clan, so I keep that memory alive.
Zaha: You see? I am both of them now.
Zaha: Memory is important to the Romany, to know who we are and why we fight.
Zaha: Why we are proud.
Zaha: And every winter there are fewer of us.
Zaha: In a good winter, we make sure there are two times as few monsters!



  • A conversation between Tibor and Luminita that can be overheard reveals that Zaha is a lesbian.