A Trail of Breadcrumbs

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A Trail of Breadcrumbs
A Trail of Breadcrumbs.png
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Besieged Farmlands
Start Coords: (395,557)
End location: [[???]]
Given by: Orochi Corpse
Type: Action
Requires: Who Horrifies the Horrors?
Reward: No Data
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.7

This mission is granted automatically upon completion of the Who Horrifies the Horrors? mission. It can also be picked up individually from the Orochi Corpse after it has been run once, or if it has been paused/suspended.

Victory putrefies into something less certain, in your guts, as the horrid monster's body shrinks in on itself to reveal a lifeless child. Who is responsible? The Vampire Hunter seems to think this has the stink of the Orochi Group. Seek out the truth.



Unlike most missions, the introductory cut scene does not play immediately after accepting the mission, but rather after the first objective (Examine the Corpse) is completed.

Vampire Hunter: I know who's behind this shit. All of it.
Vampire Hunter: You think it's a coincidence? Them being here, everywhere?
Vampire Hunter: From day one, ground zero, it all leads back to one thing.
Vampire Hunter: The Orochi Group.
Vampire Hunter: I know you know what I'm talking about. You've asked yourself that same question:
Vampire Hunter: what the hell are they up to?
Vampire Hunter: I've been around, and I've seen what you've seen.
Vampire Hunter: They're everywhere and their hands are filthy.
Vampire Hunter: In more ways than one.
Vampire Hunter: I may not have an all-access pass to the secret world,
Vampire Hunter: but I've picked enough locks and peeked through enough cracks to know what's out there.
Vampire Hunter: Down there. In the dark.
Vampire Hunter: Did you know that- No, of course not. Why would you?
Vampire Hunter: It was your world that destroyed mine, stole my children and my wife away from me.
Vampire Hunter: Murdered them. Your lies, your festering conspiracies and your Godforsaken secrecy.
Vampire Hunter: Doesn't matter if that van had Orochi plates. Could've been any of you guys,
Vampire Hunter: wouldn't have made much of a difference. Crusaders, puppet-masters, engineers of chaos
Vampire Hunter: - you'd all get away with it regardless. You're protected.
Vampire Hunter: You're all part of the disease.
Vampire Hunter: People like me, people who see through it all, all the bullshit, who've suffered at the hands of your 'gentleman's war',
Vampire Hunter: we're the cure. We're going to tear it all down, sooner or later. You just watch.
Vampire Hunter: The Orochis are behind this one, though. I sense it. Smell it.
Vampire Hunter: I know their handiwork better than most, after twenty years of hunting.
Vampire Hunter: They've gone messing with things again, and this time it's going to turn back on them.
Vampire Hunter: In every way.
Vampire Hunter: Mark. My. Word.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Are the Orochi involved? Look for any nearby clues.
    • Examine the Orochi Corpse
    • Search for more signs of Orochi Presence in the area
    • Investigate the Orochi Van
  • Tier 2: The breadcrumb trail continues. Find Orochi outpost 30-10a.
    • Enter the Shadowy Forest and locate outpost 30-10a
    • Investigate Orochi Outpost 30-10a
  • Tier 3: The breadcrumb trail continues. Find Orochi outpost 30-10b.
    • Locate Orochi Outpost 30-10b
    • Investigate Orochi Outpost 30-10b
    • Defeat the rabid wolves.
  • Tier 4: The breadcrumb trail continues. Find Orochi outpost 30-10c.
    • Locate Orochi Outpost 30-10c
    • Investigate Orochi Outpost 30-10c
  • Tier 5: The breadcrumb trail continues. Find Orochi outpost 30-10d.
    • Locate Orochi Outpost 30-10d
    • Gain Access to Orochi Research Tent
    • Investigate Orochi Outpost 30-10d
  • Tier 6: The breadcrumb trail continues. Find Orochi outpost 30-10e.
    • Locate Orochi Outpost 30-10e
    • Defeat the Child’s Angry Echo
    • Investigate Orochi Outpost 30-10e
    • Locate the potential candidate




There is a glitch in the model. Something mislabelled. Something misnamed. Find the name. Disrupt the patterns you collide into along the way. I would finish with something ominous, but do I have really any need to?


The talking heads are concerned, based on your profile being run through probability matrix, that you might get emotionally compromised in regards to missing, mutant children. I assured them they don't have to worry about you. Don't make me a liar, kay? Orochi involvement turns this all seven shades of tricky, and we're finding indications that whatever went on out there is on their high priority list. Keep your decisions cold, even if it gets ugly. Feed me intel.



Missing children? Mutant children? Orochi? This all smells loathsome. Proceed, but keep to the bigger picture. Make that your mantra. Make that your god. It will see you through the dark. You can light a candle for each child when the dust has settled, and the day is won.

R. Sonnac


There are 6 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/6

  • Examine the Orochi Corpse
    • Click on it
  • Search for more signs of Orochi Presence in the area
    • Head down the road until you see skid marks
    • Follow the skidmarks to a crashed van, located at (310,446)
    • As you approach the van you will be attacked by Death Squad (It's a 1-man squad...)
  • Investigate the Orochi Van
    • Use the "Orochi Dossier" inside the van

Tier 2/6

Tier 3/6

Tier 4/6

Tier 5/6

  • Locate Orochi outpost 30-10d
  • Gain Access to Orochi Research Tent
    • Turrets guarding the tent will attack you get in their line of sight
    • Turn off the generator located behind the tend
    • You have short time to get past the laser grid before it reactivates
      • Note: The lasers currently appear to be bugged. You will get a message saying the grid is down, but the lasers will still appear active. If you got the message that they are down and you moved fast, you can just walk through them.
  • Investigate Orochi outpost 30-10d
    • Use the Orochi tablet on the floor to permanently deactivate the laser grid
    • Use the Orochi computer on the back table to find out about Outpost 30-10e

Tier 6/6

Other Information

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