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Faction: Templars
Character: Vylara

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About Me

I'm a geek fangirl programmer who's been trying to figure out all of the music (stored in the RDB files) included with the game for the past few years.
I use Butters from South Park as my avatar because he's so cute and funny.
My original research post is in the original TSW forum, but I have new reddit thread for SWL and I'm working on adding the information here. (Nothing links to it yet.)
I also have written a progression guide for new players and for those wanting to maximize their Secret World Legends story experience.

The Secret World

I played The Secret World from the very beginning (slightly before if you count the beta).
NOTE: If I'm in-game sometimes I have the tell alert off and chat disabled if I'm doing video capture or extensive research. If I'm not responsive, send me an in-game mail.


Valerie Lara is a proud member of the Templars. She wields a blade and usually an elementalism focus. Like her order itself, she is a crusader. Much to Richard Sonnac's annoyance, she will try to save everyone she can instead of just focusing on her assignment. Her codename, Vylara, is that of a mythical angel that once protected Paragon City.

Katterose Kreutzer has always wanted power. She will do anything to get it and Gaia has provided her with the means to wield more power than she ever imagined. Rumor has it she is allied with the Dragons, although her true allegiance is with the demon Xunaste who she made a pact with long ago.

Tarquine Iquar was an Illuminati intelligence operative but once she exhibited special abilities she was changed to a field agent. No one is quite sure on why she chose "Carnelian" for a code name.

Robert Stewart is a new Illuminati recruit.

Sauscony Skolia is a new Templars recruit.

Other Games

I play a lot of games. I love storytelling (I read a lot of books too). Getting lost in another world has always been one of my favorite things to do.
I usually rotate through games, with MMOs that means I'll take a break for a few months and let new content build up and then return.
Other MMOs that I play are (favorites in bold):
* Defiance
* Elder Scrolls Online
* Fallen Earth
* Guild Wars
* Guild Wars 2
* Neverwinter
* Star Trek Online
* Star Wars: The Old Republic
* Vindictus
* WildStar

My favorite single player games:
* Banner Saga (Series)
* Bastion
* BioShock
* Borderlands (Series)
* Bound By Flame
* Brutal Legend
* Bulletstorm
* Consortium
* Conquest: Frontier Wars
* Day of the Tentacle
* Deus Ex (Series)
* Dishonored (Series)
* Dragon Age (Series)
* Dreamfall / The Longest Journey (Series)
* Fallout (Series)
* Firewatch
* Full Throttle
* Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
* Hunted: The Demon's Forge
* Kingdoms of Amalur
* Life Is Strange
* Lifeless Planet
* Mass Effect (Series)
* Prey (2006 and 2017)
* Republique
* Saints Row (Series)
* Shadowgrounds (Series)
* Tomb Raider (Rebooted Series)
* Transistor
* Witcher (Series)

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