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Mission Story.png Story Missions
Mission Action.png Action Missions
Mission Item.png Side (Item) Missions
Mission Item Investigation.png Side (Item) Investigation Missions
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Mission Sabotage.png Sabotage Missions
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  • 15 Story Missions (12 Repeatable, 3 Unrepeatable)
  • 9 Action (Repeatable)
  • 1 Sabotage Missions (Repeatable)
  • 3 Investigation Missions (Repeatable with lessened XP reward)
  • 34 Item Side Missions
  • 3 Lair Side Missions
  • 0 Dungeon Missions
Total Missions: 65

For players wanting to complete all missions before advancing to the next zone, they should have 65 missions completed in their Mission Journal for Kaidan.


Kaidan (怪談) is located in Tokyo (東京都), Japan (日本国).

Story Missions

As Kaidan was released in downloadable content sections years into the game, it has many shorter story missions instead of the sort of overarching mission that carried players through previous world regions. And unlike those missions, Kaidan story missions (and the three Venice missions leading up to them) are repeatable, excepting Runaway Circus and (possibly) Laying Low in the Limelight.

Type Sequence Mission Source Level XP Anima Shards.png Weapon Reward Bag.jpg Talisman Reward Bag.jpg Glyph Reward Bag.jpg Item FilthEncrustedContainerKey.png Other
width 01 Back to the Beginning (385,660) 50 16,000 2440 1 2 1 - Possible Agent Dossier
width 02 Runaway Circus
width 03 The Right of Way
width 04 Contract Killers
width 05 The Pachinko Model
width 06 Spiral
width 07 Follow the White Rabbit
width 08 Youth Outreach
width 09 My Bloody Valentine (Mission)
width 10 One Kill Ahead
width 11 Nightmare in the Dream Palace
width 12 Assault on Orochi Tower
width 13 The Eight-Headed Serpent (Mission)
width 14 Confrontations and Revelations
width 15 Laying Low in the Limelight

Other Missions

For a map with all of the starting locations, see Map:Kaidan Missions.

Type Mission Source Level XP Anima Shards.png Weapon Reward Bag.jpg Talisman Reward Bag.jpg Glyph Reward Bag.jpg Item FilthEncrustedContainerKey.png Other
width Heart of Darkness (400,650) 50 3933 600 1 2 1 0
width Defeat Onryo (800,705)
width Bustin (380,600) 50 4917 1500 1 2 1 Possible Agent Dossier
width Brotherly Loathe Inbeda
width Killers on the Road Gozen
width One for the AEGIS Jake Hama
width The All-Seeing Kawaii Harumi
width The Korinto-kai Daimon Kiyota
width The Pagans Ricky Pagan
width The Right Round Kurt Kuszczak
width Through the Wake Darkly Ricky Pagan
width Tower Defence Kurt Kuszczak
width All Alone Together Harumi
width Fierce Competition Inbeda
width Love and Origami Gozen
width The Bank Heist Daimon Kiyota
width Chasing Bad Luck 190,810
width Cleaning House 890,295
width Dead Stories Inside Clubhouse (Instance)
width Dear Diary Torn journal page (first floor)
width Death and Noodles 900,420
width Death of a Samurai 125,850
width Fallen Allies Inside The Orochi Underground
width Feed the Tank 370,610
width Filth Evolved 415,525
width Hardware Test 710,330
width Hell of a Blow 150,270
width Hell's Arsenal 280,555
width Hostile Elements Inside any Orochi Tower Alpha floor
width Judas Mech 705,395
width Lost Sword Jingu Katana
width Mask of the Oni 40,1025
width Masks in Exile 120,165
width Message to Hell 865,85
width Middle Management 915,275
width Noodles & Swords 560,695
width O Captain! 480,100
width Pieces of Sarah (385,660) 50 4917 750 1 2 1 1
width Pirating the Signal 725,235
width Population of Filth Filthy Corpse
width Power to Kurt Orochi Power Cell
width Ravenous 910,380
width Samuri Robots Can Happen to Anyone 190,810
width Texts 380,655
width The Fruiting Bodies 360,285
width The Ghost Lord 190,810
width The Room Inside any Orochi Tower Omega floor
width The Tenebrous Sky 535,415
width Torn Pages Inside the Clubhouse (Instance)
width Waste Not 785,340
width Lights Out (938,842) 50 7,000 800 0 0 0 Essence of The Namahage
width Dark Tides (938,842) 50 7,000 800 0 0 0 Essence of Komainu Alpha
width Inner Peace (938,842) 50 7,000 800 0 0 0 Essence of Hata Okami

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