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Scenarios are "Special training missions" from the Council of Venice added in Update 1.8: The Venetian Agenda. They can be accessed via the Console in the back room of the The Sunken Library.


Selecting a Scenario

Once you open the Console window, you can select Scenarios based on the following criteria:

  • Objective:
    • Seek and Preserve - Find and rescue survivors. Send them to defensive hotspots and protect them from waves of enemies and bosses. Be advised that conditions of the test may change and random events may occur. You will be judged based on the number of survivors still alive at the end of the duration, and you will be rewarded accordingly.
  • Location:
    • The Hotel - The Hotel Wahid is under attack. Locate as many of the survivors as you can find, gather them into fortified positions, and keep them safe.
    • The Mansion - The Franklin Mansion is under attack. Locate as many of the survivors as you can find, gather them into fortified positions, and keep them safe.
    • The Castle - Castle Dracula is under siege. Locate as many of the survivors as you can find, gather them into fortified positions, and keep them safe.
  • Difficulty:
    • Novice
    • Normal
    • Elite
    • Nightmare
  • Group Size:
    • Solo
    • Duo
    • Group


The minimap is very useful during the scenarios, and some additional icons are used on it that are not used outside of scenarios.

  • Blue Dot - Indicates survivors in a fortified position
  • Orange Broken Square - Indicates where monsters have spawned
  • Orange Fuzz/Overlay - Indicates where monsters are currently attacking refugees


The Runspeed buffs tend to have fixed spawn points near the fortified positions within the scenarios. These are useful when you need to move from position to position as the waves attack different areas.

The other buffs may or may not show up randomly after killing a monster.


Mission Overviews

Entering the Scenario

After you use the console to select which scenario you want to run, at what difficulty, and with what size of group you will will not immediately be put into the instance, but instead will be instructed to go into one of the various round side rooms adjacent to the room with the console. Which room does not matter, any will work.

After a moment you will be transported to a holding instance and will now have the Scenario Loaded status effect.. Again, the mission has not started, but you are not in the main room either. You have as much time here as you need to prepare for the scenario. Once ready to proceed there will be a "start" icon hovering in the center of the room. Click that to enter the scenario instance.

Upon entering the scenario instance, you appear at the anima well that will be used by that instance. Your first objective will typically be to approach the location where the scenario is occurring.

Scenarios are timed events. The timer does not begin until you approach the objective. If solo, this typically does not matter. If duo or grouped, this allows for all members to zone before anyone advances and starts the timers.

Seek and Preserve Scenarios


  • Initialization = 0:45 seconds. You can use this time to run around, look for survivor spawn points and get a feel for the area
  • Seek for Survivors = 5:00 minutes. During this time you have to find survivors and kill the monster attacking them so that they are free to go to the fortified positions
  • Preparation = 0:05 seconds. After all the survivors are found and freed, or after the 5 minute timer runs out, you have a 5 second delay to decide where you want to be when the next phase starts
  • Wave One = 5:00 minutes. There will be multiple waves of typically 3-4 mobs. Where they spawn is shown on the minimap, and they will attack the nearest fortified position. There will typically be a few waves attacking one fortified position, and then a few more attacking a different position. There is about a dozen of these small waves
  • Wave One Boss = 3:00 minutes. After the timer is up for Wave One, regardless of whether or not the monsters have all been killed, the boss of wave one will appear. He will usually move directly to your position rather than to a fortified position.
  • Interlude = 0:30 seconds. You have 30 seconds after the boss timer to heal, regroup and prepare for the next wave.
  • Wave Two = 5:00 minutes. Similar to Wave One, but with harder mobs.
  • Wave Two Boss = 3:00 minutes. Similar to the Wave One boss, but harder
  • Interlude = 0:30 seconds. You have 30 seconds after the boss timer to heal, regroup and prepare for the next wave.
  • Wave Two = 5:00 minutes. Similar to Wave Two, but with harder mobs.
  • Wave Three Boss = 3:00 minutes. Similar to the Wave Two boss, but harder
  • Interlude = 0:30 seconds. You have 30 seconds after the boss timer to heal, regroup and prepare for the next wave.
  • Preparing the Score = 0:10 seconds. Once the mission is complete, there will be a 10 second pause before you leave the instance and get your reward.

Total time: 21:00 minutes

Special Events

Scenarios also have a bit of a random element thrown in. One event is randomly triggered in the Interlude after the first and second waves and the effects last for the entire following wave until the boss spawns.


Turns a number of refugees into traitors that will turn on the other refugees. You must kill these traitors.

After the traitors have been killed, at some point during the next wave an equal number of new survivors will be placed in the scenario so that dead traitors don't count against your score. However, these new survivors will cower in place until you find them and click on them. They do not immediately have monsters attacking them like beginning survivors do, but they may not last long out in the open. Clicking on them causes them to run for the nearest fortified position.

Wandering Juggernaut

A large, much stronger enemy that patrols the scenario area. He can either be ignore or killed. Unless you are easily handling the regular mobs of the scenario, he should probably be ignored. Drops 1-3 Aureus tokens upon death.

Weather Hazard

Causes a shift in weather that makes it dangerous to go outside. Standing in the weather hazard will result in reduced visibility and other effects based on the location:

  • The Hotel - A sandstorm applies a stacking debuff that spawns a locust and hinders you when it reaches 10.
  • The Mansion - A thick layer of fog applies a stacking debuff that can spawn a zombie and hinder you when it reaches 10.
  • The Castle - A snowstorm deals massive damage over time and hinders you.

To avoid the effects of the weather hazard remain indoors or in one of the designated "safe zones" marked by a ring of golden fire. Each of the refugee rally points are "safe zones" and there is also one additional zone in the Mansion and Hotel. The safe zones are immune to the weather effects and will reset any debuff you may have. If you are running between camps on the Hotel or Mansion maps, be sure to use the additional safe zone located roughly in the middle of the map in order to prevent the debuff from reaching 10. The Castle weather hazard should be avoided altogether as it's effects are immediate.


Places up to 2 snipers on the map which will fire upon either you or any enemies that are within line of sight. Upon creation they will either be regarded as friend or foe and will remain that way for the duration of the wave. When a sniper aims a corsair will appear above the target for about 2 seconds before being shot. A landed shot will deal moderate damage and will hinder the target for 10 seconds. You can avoid a hostile sniper shot by using active dodge or breaking line of sight during the targeting time however you cannot kill the snipers even if they're hostile. Having a CC breaker will also come in handy in case you do get hit.

Filth Bomb

Spawns a patch of filth on the ground that will hinder you and do damage over time. These are usually dropped in front of doorways and other passages and will generally require you to find an alternate route to get to the refugee camps.

Supply Drop

Spawns one or more supply crates that contain useful items such as mines, turrets and refugee buffs. Can also occasionally contain augments or an enemy ambush.


During the mission, you can be rewarded the following:

Rewards for mission completion are:

Group Size Difficulty Success level
Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Solo Novice 5
Normal 11 8 6 4
Elite 15 11 8 6
Nightmare 20 15 11 8
Duo Novice 3
Normal 15 10 7 5
Elite 20 15 11 7
Nightmare 26 20 15 10
Group Novice
Normal 15 11 8 6
Elite 21 15 11 8
Nightmare 28 21 15 11

Aurei of Initiation can be spent at the Rogue Coder to purchase items to help make scenarios easier, or at Minister of Ca' d'Oro for a variety of items


  • If you only have a group of two, The Mansion is a good choice to get used to the flow of scenarios. There are only two rally points for the survivors, making it easy to split the map for two players.
  • Try to kill any Filth-corrupted Creatures away from survivors so that their dying filth doesn't damage the survivors. Filth creatures in the Scenarios seem to have an extra large filth explosion range with a persistent filth that lasts longer than mobs in normal environments.
  • Mobs with AoE attacks (especially boss mobs) you want to keep away from, or at least facing away from, survivors so that the survivors don't get hit by the AoE's
  • The runspeed buffs are useful for moving from position to position when the waves shift which position they are attacking
  • The land mines found in supply crates can affect you and the refugees as well as the monsters, use care when placing them


Entering the Simulator

Controller: Initiating world simulation. Initiating reality simulation. Standby.


Controller: Welcome to this Virtual Training Scenario.
Controller: The Council of Venice would like to remind you that it takes no responsibility for accidental death,
Controller: maiming or insanity during the course of this exercise.
Controller: This simulation is designed to prepare you for the pressures of a field career within the Council of Venice.
Controller: Your actions will be judged and weighed
Controller: and your final score will be based on your ability to remain on mission throughout.
Controller: As the Scenario progresses, operators will adjust the variables to provide a unique, tailored experience.
Controller: How you react to changing variables will be observed and catalogued.
Controller: The Council wishes all applicants the best of fortune.


Controller: This is a Seek & Preserve Scenario. Your role is to gather groups of survivors into fortified positions and then to keep them alive for the next few hours. Your final score will be based upon the number of living survivors.
Location information:
Time of Day information:
  • Novice - Controller: The current time is dawn.
  • Normal - Controller: The current time is dawn.
  • Elite - Controller: The current time is mid afternoon.
  • Nightmare - Controller: The current time is midnight.
Group size information:
  • Solo - Controller: You have chosen to complete this Scenario alone.
  • Duo
  • Group

Starting a Wave

Controller: Spawn protocols engaged. Hostile entities are on the move.

Starting a Boss

Controller: Boss hostile spawned. Adjusting survival chance.

Wandering Juggernaut

Controller: Initiating relentless entity. Contact with survivors is not advised.