Dragon Missions

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Icon Mission Type
Mission Story.png Story Missions
Mission Action.png Action Missions
Mission Item.png Side (Item) Missions
Mission Item Investigation.png Side (Item) Investigation Missions
Mission Investigation.png Investigation Missions
Mission Sabotage.png Sabotage Missions
SWL Assignment B.png Assignment Missions
Mission Dungeon.png Dungeon (Group) Missions
Mission Raid.png Raid Missions
Mission PVP.png PvP Missions
Mission Scenario.png Scenarios

Storyline Missions

width The Butterfly Effect - Find the The Dragon faction in Seoul
width Ground Zero - Flashback to Tokyo, learn to use abilities
width Chaos Practice - Meet Bong Cha, pick a weapon, and head to Solomon Island
width Dawning of an Endless Night - Solomon Island
width Total Eclipse - This takes you from Solomon Island to Valley of the Sun God
width Black Sun, Red Sand - Valley of the Sun God
width End Game - This takes you from Valley of the Sun God to Transylvania
width Mortal Sins - Transylvania
width Full Circle - Completion of Transylvania
width The Venetian Agenda - Transylvania to Tokyo
width Preludes & Intrigues - Transylvania to Tokyo
width Venice Sinking - Transylvania to Tokyo
width Back to the Beginning - Intro to Tokyo and AEGIS
width Runaway Circus - Tokyo

Faction Rank Missions

width Into Darkness - Rank 2 mission
width Rogue Agent - Rank 6 mission
width London Underground - Rank 10 mission

Solomon Island Missions ▪ Kingsmouth ▪ Savage Coast ▪ Blue Mountain
Valley of the Sun God Missions ▪ Scorched Desert ▪ City of the Sun God
Transylvania Missions ▪ Besieged Farmlands ▪ Shadowy Forest ▪ Carpathian Fangs
Tokyo Missions ▪ Kaidan
South Africa missions ▪ New Dawn
Faction Missions ▪  Dragon ▪ Illuminati ▪ Templars
Other Missions ▪  Hub Cities ▪  Scenarios ▪  Seasonal ▪  Events