Samael Chandra

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Samael Chandra
Faction: [[Category:Nephilim Characters]][[:Category:Nephilim Characters|Nephilim]]
Spouse(s): Lilith
Background Information
Species: The Host
Occupation: CEO of the Orochi Group
NPC Information
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Voiced by: [[Dhaffer L'Abidine]]

Samael Chandra is the CEO of the Orochi Group and husband to Lilith.

During the First Age, the Nephilim and the Grigori were in an all-out war. However, he eventually rebelled against his own kind, The Host, and married Lilith, a human. In the beginning of this relationship, Samael was mostly using Lilith, but she eventually rose to his equal. Shortly after their relationship began, the Nephilim lost the war and were exiled as the First Age ended. [1]

Over the next few ages, Samael's hostilty to humanity turned to be more empathetic. [2] He founded the Orochi Group in order to preserve and progress the human race, [3] while trying to find a way to save Gaia.



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  • Players are not able to talk to him directly, and all dialogue is in the mission text.


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