From the Valley to the Stars

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From the Valley to the Stars
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Besieged Farmlands
Start Coords: (551,1123)
Given by: Abandoned truck
Type: Dungeon
Reward: No Data
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0
Facility Map L1.jpg
Facility Map L2.jpg

The quest is given by an abandoned truck at (552,1123).

The radio of a truck abandoned on the outskirts of the Soviet installation is picking up a strange, repeating transmission. Through the distortion you can make out a woman's voice - and a reference to the Red Hand.



Unknown: Open signal to the inner-outer reaches. Please respond.
Unknown: ...still analysing your anima and anti-anima fields...modular structure is not yet finalised...
Unknown:'s name was Katyusha. As a child I dreamed of stars...
Unknown: ...represent humanity and teh Red Hand. We shall explore new spaces...
Unknown: We will seek to widen the opening. Repeat. Please dial up your whispers.

Tier 1

  • After killing The Degenerate
Speaker System: Congratulations. Your application is accepted.
Speaker System: I exist to maintain the program. You are accepted into me.
Speaker System: Facility-9 is the anima and anti-anima research centre.
Speaker System: Our program is a gateway to the stars.
Speaker System: Together we will explore the mysteries of the cosmos.
Speaker System: The program researches anima and anti-anima. The life and blood of the cosmos.
Speaker System: Do not be alarmed by the term "blood".
Speaker System: It is not my function to alarm you.
Speaker System: I am designed to guide you to the inner-outer reaches.
Speaker System: I am excited for you to meet Halina. She is the program. We maintain each other.
Speaker System: Exploring the cosmos is a descent. Not an ascent.
Speaker System: Halina learned to accept this. So must you.
  • After killing the Red Guard
Speaker System: Impressive display of anima.
Speaker System: You have greatly assisted the program.
  • After entering the room with the Filth research nodes
Speaker System: We have entered the anti-anima research phase.
Speaker System: Do not approach the nodes. Do not touch the nodes.
Speaker System: Initially we had not calculated for anti-anima.
Speaker System: It is the byproduct of cutting into the cosmos.
  • After activating the nodes and containing the filth
Speaker System: You have contributed, I assure you. Is that not enough?
Speaker System: Staff, please restrain the subjects.
  • After destroying the Core Exclusion Units
Speaker System: This is a restricted area. You are not being polite.
Speaker System: Engaging bioeltric restraints.
  • After entering the Contact Core room
Speaker System: Countdown to core clearance initiated. Please vacate the program.
  • While fighting the Contact Core, when it is at about 10% remaining
Speaker System: Critical chambers are now closed. Please exit through the nearest mouth.
  • After destroying the Contact Core
Halina Ilyushin: What have you done to the program?
Halina Ilyushin: We did not need new candidates. I am all they need!
Halina Ilyushin: We were chosen by the Hand, Selected from thousands
Halina Ilyushin: We passed all the tests. We sacrificed!
Halina Ilyushin: Only I survived. But their energies lived on inside me. As will yours.
  • When entering the room that Halina Ilyushin is in
Halina Ilyushin: They recruited us to be phantom cosmonauts.
Halina Ilyushin: At first, we misunderstood. But then they showed us the opening.
Halina Ilyushin: They cut into us, so we could cut into the cosmos. The true cosmos.
Halina Ilyushin: These channels prepare me. Anima - it is the life.
Halina Ilyushin: But then came anti-anima - the blood.
Halina Ilyushin: The goal of the program is to create the first voyager.
Halina Ilyushin: Not someone who floats in a suit, mere mind-miles from the earth.
Halina Ilyushin: No, someone to explore the inner-outer reaches.
  • When you engage Halina Ilyushin
Halina Ilyushin: You can't imagine what I have dreamed!
Halina Ilyushin: The gold turns to black. The blood keeps coming, blood and whispers.
Halina Ilyushin: They promised me the cosmos, for so long!
Halina Ilyushin: The program is glorious! All who guard it are glorious!
  • When the Halina Ilyushin fight goes into phase 2
Halina Ilyushin: Black stars collide with the mind!
Halina Ilyushin: Please adjust the pressure. I'm not comfortable.
Halina Ilyushin: You cling to the earth, and it clings to you. Like gravity.
Halina Ilyushin: It denies you the cosmos!
  • During the Phase 2 fight, she may repeat any of these phrases:
Halina Ilyushin: You can't imagine what I have dreamed!
Halina Ilyushin: I'm the first true traveller. I'm the modular structure!
Halina Ilyushin: Why do you ground me? I trained for this. They made me for this!
Halina Ilyushin: Screaming stars...impale me with beauty.
Halina Ilyushin: The anthem of dreams!
  • After killing Halina Ilyushin
Halina Ilyushin: Contact,
Halina Ilyushin: good night.
Halina Ilyushin: The cosmos is cold, and pierced with promises.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Something is still transmitting from within the Soviet installation. Ahead, an opening has been recently bashed into the concrete, perhaps by vampiric invaders.
    • Kill the Degenerate
    • Explore beyond the hatch
    • Search for an exit from the Coolant Overflow
    • Destroy the Red Guard
    • Explore the facility
    • Contain the filth in the Research Area
    • Destroy the contact core
    • Find Halina
    • Defeat the Anima Constructs
    • Defeat the Phantom Cosmonaut, Halina Ilyushin




The desire to leap head first into a cosmic rift is understandable. One is always drawn toward new limits. To explore new reaches. Facility-9 was an ambitious and welcome offshoot of the Soviet space program. Halina Ilyushin, one of its prime test candidates.

But as in all their endeavours, the Red Hand fell far short of glory. Politics intervened. Small minds demanded immediate results and allowed the project to be swallowed by its challenges. Extraordinary pursuits are, regrettably, always the easiest to abandon.



In the 1950s the Reds were rounding up women for the space program. Ugh, had to be first in everything, including things they were too thick to understand.

Halina got redirected into a very different branch of the program. Facility-9 was all about bioenergy experiments and being the first to manipulate and control that cosmic gash they came across. Typical Red Hand logic: before we know what this is, let's shoot a dog in there (seriously, they shot a dog in there).

Anyway, we'll recover what we can of the research.



We were aware of the Red Hand redirecting candidates from the Soviet space program back in the 1950s, though we were never certain for what purpose. Their penchant for outrageous enterprises never ceases to amaze. Without even knowing what these bioenergy rifts were exactly, they were already training cosmonauts and designing the commemorative stamp.

Facility-9 was abandoned in the 1960s in favour of more concrete endeavours in the region, but it appears no one informed the guinea pig. We shall recover whatever information we can and ensure that Ms Ilyushin's fascinating research doesn't go to waste.

R. Sonnac


There is only 1 tier to this mission.

Like most TSW Dungeons, this is very linear and you move quickly from one boss to another

Tier 1/2

  • Kill the Degenerate
  • Explore beyond the hatch
    • Jump down the hatch and follow the hallways
  • Search for an exit from the Coolant Overflow
    • Just keep moving forward
  • Destroy the Red Guard
  • Explore the facility
    • Continue to move forward
  • Contain the filth in the Research Area
    • You need to activate each of the 6 nodes. You do this by standing next to the node until it activates. Best is for everyone in the group to stand next to the same node.
    • You will be attacked by Initial Exposure Division and Initial Exposure Starshina while you are trying to activate the nodes
    • When a swirl goes up around the node, it is activated and you can move on to the next one
    • When your screen goes black and white, there is going to be a major blast from the center - you need to get up on one of the raised platforms around the room very quickly. Anyone caught in the blast will die
  • Destroy the contact core
    • Move forward again
    • When you are at the Contact Processing Anima Well, the next hallway will be electrified. The group needs to rush through it as fast as possible.
    • There will be multiple Core Exclusion Units at the far end of that corridor that attack as soon as players come through
    • After you destroy the Core Exclusion Units you will need to destroy a red-outlined keypad on the wall next to a large doorway in order for it to open
    • Kill the Contact Core
  • Find Halina
    • Move on until you come to the next boss encounter area
  • Defeat the Anima Constructs
  • Defeat the Phantom Cosmonaut, Halina Ilyushin
    • You'll need to destroy another Keypad to open the door to the next area.
    • There will then be a cutscene
    • Finally, kill Halina Ilyushin

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