Halina Ilyushin

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Halina Ilyushin
Type: Category:Other monsters
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
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Damage Type: No Data
HP: Elite:139,000
XP Awarded: Elite:?
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Facility
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
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Halina Ilyushin is a the sixth and final boss encounter in The Facility dungeons.

Special Abilities


There are two phases to this fight. During the first phase, Halina will be golden colored and in her Anima form. In the second phase, Halina will be black and covered in filth in her anti-Anima form.

  • Phase 1:
    • Contempt will pull a random player next to her and make them Impaired for a couple seconds. If Ranged DPS is pulled next to her they should get out of melee range as soon as they can
    • Anima Decompression is a standard white-line AoE and easy to avoid
    • Calling to the Cosmos, that will summon two Sunhound. Tank should grab their aggro and then everyone should ignore them. If you kill them, she will just resummon them. Focus on doing enough damage to Halina to move to the next phase.
    • She will cast Living the Dream when she is about to die. This ability will kill everyone. It is unavoidable. Just listen to her talk for awhile and then phase 2 will start.
  • Phase 2:
    • She will be back to full health, and will have to be killed again. But, the groups starts at full health again as well.
    • When she casts Speed of Black Light - Get out of her way. It is a dash ability that does massive damage to anyone in her path.
    • Dirty Radiation is a large column but fairly easy to avoid

Loot Table

Halina Ilyushin
N/A - There is no Normal version of this dungeonN/A - There is no normal version of this dungeonN/A - There is no normal version of this dungeonN/A - There is no normal version of this dungeon
Normal Elite Nightmare Type
Item (Normal) Item (Elite) Item (Nightmare) Type
Item (Normal) Item (Elite) Item (Nightmare) Type





  • In Phase 2, the First Phantom Cosmonaut has the description "Sic itur ad astra", which is Latin for "Thus you shall go to the stars." It is a saying attributed to Virgil who wrote it in the Aeneid] (Book IX, line 641)
  • The voice actor for Halina Ilyushin is Katie Lyons