Red Guard

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Red Guard
Type: Golem
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
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Damage Type: No Data
HP: Elite:?
XP Awarded: Elite:?
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Facility
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
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Red Guard is a the second boss encounter in The Facility dungeons.

Special Abilities

Note: Unlike most dungeon bosses, this one does NOT have the Relentless ability


  • Armed and Dangerous is a frontal cone - so DPS should stay away from directly in front
  • Magnifying Transmitter is a chain attack - so even on his side, characters should be spread away from the tank to keep the chain from jumping. It is mostly only a problem if one of the ranged DPS temporarily takes aggro from the tank. The Red Guard may then zap them with Magnifying Transmitter, hitting any other characters standing next to that DPS as well.
  • After Electromagnetic Cauterization he will use Room Clearing to rush the tank. This can cause knockback to anyone in his path -- DPS should either stay behind the tank or at least make sure they are not in the Red Guards path. Tanks should try to make sure there is a wall or pillar behind them so that they are not knocked back very far.
  • Roof Smash will cause sections of the roof to collapse. Just watch out for orange circles on the floor to indicate where they are going to land.

The major thing to watch out for is Electromagnetic Cauterization - it is pretty much certain death for everyone except the tank. It is a line-of-sight attack, so when he starts casting that (you'll see him covered in electricity), the entire group needs to run behind a pillar out of his sight. After that ability is cast, he will leave behind an RF Burn which will block the spot he was standing at, which is why the party wants to stick together. This RF Burn will remain for the rest of the fight.

The tank will want to make sure to position him each time so that there is a safe spot to run to for each Electromagnetic Cauterization. If the party simply circles the same pillar each time, they will eventually be trapped by RF Burns. Safest is to move him down next to a new pillar each time.