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Weyeb-Xul, the Hound of the Nameless Days.jpg
Type: Hellspawn
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
Level: {{{level}}}
Damage Type: No Data
HP: Normal: ~258,000
XP Awarded: Normal:?
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: The Darkness War
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW


Wayeb-Xul, the Hound of the Nameless Days is a ferocious demon summoned by the Mayans some time ago in New England. It is capable of using various spells, such as resurrecting its Mayan allies or turning them into living bombs. It also seems to have a connection to the Filth, as it is seen spewing the substance out of its mouth.

The word Wayeb is the name of the five nameless days at the end of the Mayan Haab', one of their calendar systems. The word Xul is the name of the sixth month on the same calendar, and its symbol is a dog. These two words give the demon its name.

Wayeb-Xul is the 6th and final boss in the The Darkness War instance.

Special Abilities


The fight starts with 15 Mayan monsters (Chilan Psychopomps, Batab Bloodletters, and Nacom Warcallers) which can be pulled a few at a time, although it is recommended that they all be killed in the same spot. They will be reanimated later and having them all coming from the same place rather than all over the area will make it easier. This is typically done at on a small flat rock on the right-hand side of the encounter area, right below where players jump down at.

After they are killed, Wayeb-Xul will fly in. He begins by casting Exhale the Void causing a black cone-shaped AoE which will remain on the ground for a short time and must be avoided. He must be fought until enough damage is done to cause him to fly away.

Depending on how long it takes to drive him off, he will cast rotations of the following. You may encounter none of it if your DPS is overpowered, or you may have to endure multiple rounds of it if you are struggling:

  • Concuss, which causes everything to become blurry, but has no real effect other than that.
  • Exhale the Void followed by Open the Rift, which pulls nearby players towards him (and more importantly, to within the the black AoE from Exhale the Void). You can see he is starting to cast Open the Rift when 2 red glyph-rings appear around him.

As he flys off, he will cast Reanimation which resurrects a group of the Mayans killed earlier. These adds should be killed, and then Wayeb-Xul will reanimate a second group of Mayans. As these are being killed, a friendly NPC named The Varangian will spawn. This NPC wields Excalibur, and will act as an ally buffing the Group with Astral Facade, which increases Physical Protection and Magical Protection by 50% as well as increasing Melee, Ranged, and Magic damage done by 300%.

Shortly after The Varangian buffs the group, Wayeb-Xul will rejoin the fight. During this time, he will no longer cast Concuss, but will now cast Sacrificial Ceremony in addition to Exhale the Void and Open the Rift.

He will also continue to reanimate Mayans over and over again while fighting. There is usually one player assigned to keeping control of the Mayan adds while the rest of the group is working on killing Wayeb-Xul. Because Sacrificial Ceremony can cause the Mayans to explode, it is typically a ranged DPS that is assigned to taking them down.

Loot Table

  • Will drop 3x from the following table:
Item Type Role
Tears of Chaac Weapon Assault Rifle
Dresden Codex Page Weapon Elemental Focus
Stinger of Colel Cab Weapon Shotgun
Plume of Awilix Head Talisman DPS
Shroud of the Jaguar Head Talisman Tanking
Fingerbones of Cum Hau Wrist Talisman Tanking
Ix Chel's Fang Occult Talisman Healing
Yaluk's Spark Occult Talisman DPS
Girdle of Ix Chel Waist Talisman Healing