The Varangian

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The Varangian
The Varangian2.jpg
Level: Normal: 12
Elite: ??
Nightmare: ??
Type: Draug
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
HP: Normal:22,273
XP Awarded: Normal:??
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: The Polaris


The Varangian is the third boss encounter in The Polaris dungeons. It is a large Warmonger variant of Draug.

Special Abilities

  • Can Cast: Charged Hack – Single target attack dealing significant damage to the highest threat target, can be interrupted
  • Can Cast: Deep Blast – Point blank AoE (black ground effect) and melee knockback
  • Can Cast: Mjolnir’s Echo – Knocks down the tank and drops hate, can be interrupted
  • Can spawn adds named Sea Burial in groups of 3-5


There are 2 basic phases to this fight.

Phase 1: You fight him where you find him. Although at 3 different times, he will disappear beneath the water and summon a swarm of Sea Burial. Once you kill them, he will reappear (in a new location within that area) and the fight will continue

  • Stay out of the black water when he casts Deep Blast
  • When he pops back up in a new location, after disappearing, give the tank a moment to get to him and engage before DPS sets in
  • When he runs out of this area, he is heading to Phase 2

Phase 2: He runs to the next area, and summons some Sea Burial to cover his trail. Kill the Sea Burial spawns and follow him. He will stop in an area that is mostly surrounded by cargo containers.

  • Fight ontop of a cargo container. The water he is standing in will be electrified and do damage.
  • When the container you are fighting on starts to show electricity as well, move to a new container that does not