Might Makes Right

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Might Makes Right
Region: London
Zone: No Data
Start Coords: 206, 283
Given by: No Data
Type: Story
Faction: Templars
Reward: 23,750 Experience Experience
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

The incident in Tokyo, dark matter infecting people to the point of madness… You are back in London now, it must have been a dream.


Richard Sonnac, tier I

Richard Sonnac: Come in, come in. I'm very pleased you can follow directions on the back of a card. It is the basis for us getting along famously. Of course, with an establishment like this, we're practically in the Yellow Pages under "Crusaders." Richard Sonnac.(he shakes your hand)So, You heeded our call to arms. You have questions, I can furnish you with answers. Some answers. To begin with, you haven't strayed into some atrocious Dan Brown airport paperback. We are not the "Knights Templar." That particular appellation went out in the 1300s, along with pageboy haircuts and burning at the stake. no, we run a 21st century- Well, let's say a "forward-facing" organisation, but one with its strength in ancient bonds of tradition. In loyalty. in blood. And, to be perfectly frank, in a sizeable private army. Our firm guidance is needed to save the world from itself. We have kept the matters of squabbling secret societies and loathsome dimensions discreet. Until the shadows began to peel back across the globe. Until these darkest of days came upon us. Now, the evidence is on television, for pity's sake. We are at war. might will make right, and it will fall upon us to judge the correct application of might. it falls upon you as a soldier of the Templars. Show me that you have the will, and we can teach you the way. Your remarkable powers can be honed and controlled... at least, to less disastrous effect on property values. There is a private training area which we have reinforced for just that purpose. Come back and see me after.

Brigadier Lethe

Brigadier Lethe: Christ almighty. We've got our work cut out for us. the Crucible is my house, and in my house my word is law. Forget your mother's teat, from now on this is your home. This is were you learn to stay alive. You've come here an empty slate. You have potential, that's why you were recruited, but that potential needs strict guidance. You're a loaded weapon, and if you don't learn to control yourself and channel your powers, you'll end up hurting yourself. Or others. You have the ability to manifest anima, your life force, in the physical world. To enhance your strength, your physical attributes. To do magic. Martial magic. None of that faerie stuff. Whatever trinket you hold in your hand is merely a way to direct your powers. We don't do magic wands here. Through your weapon, you channel and wield your magic. Never mind why this power has been awakened in you. You're not the only one, and you're not the Chosen One, you're part of an army, our army, and from now on you'll do what you're told. It's the way of the Templars. Consider this your playground. it's not like being out on the front lines, but it's close enough. We have a choice of weapons for you to practice with. try as many as you wish. When we're done, you get to pick one. You'll want to make sure you're comfortable with your weapon. It'll be the only thing between you and a trip to the graveyard. those things are called Rakshasa, they're basic hellhounds. We keep them chained. They used to make such a mess of the new recruits. Use them for target practice. Don't worry, they don't feel a thing, and they're unworthy of mercy. Spend your time in the Crucible well. There's no point rushing things. Out there, the demons aren't chained up, and you don't have me around to save your sorry arse. Go on, get started! I'll offer some guidance along the way.

Richard Sonnac, tier III

Richard Sonnac: The time has come to discuss your upcoming excursion to the Colonies. I'm afraid it's business, not pleasure. recently, a small island community on the New England coast dropped off the map. You can disregard the tiresome government cover-ups... there are dark forces at play. Solomon Island is a rock with infamy. In the past, it was trafficked by the Illuminati, before they joined the rush to New York. You should be aware that we have... history with the Illuminati. Acrimonious history. Of course, under the flag of truce we have spat and made up, and now we are the closest of enemies. All smiles above the table and drawn knives beneath it. Illumintai are reckless, and cannot be relied upon to clean up their own messes. We must find the root of whatever doom has come to Solomon Island. But let me stress that this is not a rescue operation. Should there be survivors, you cannot announce that you've been chosen to deliver anyone from evil. Joan of Arc did, and look where that got her. Our goal is the salvation of all mankind, not on a case-by-case basis. I understand that may stick in your throat, but... well... haloes are fading all over town, now that there is so much more at stake. Leave as soon as you can. Your travel arrangements have already been made at the Ealdwic Underground. I'll be in touch.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: You were woken up by someone obviously connected to the Templars. She asked you to get your bearings and go find Richard Sonnac at Temple Hall.
    • Go to Redcrosse Circus.
    • Follow the road to Temple Square.
    • Cross the square to Temple Hall.
    • Report to Richard Sonnac.
  • Tier 2:
    • Sonnac suggested you still have to learn how to use your powers. The Templars have set up a room for this very purpose called the Crucible.
      • Enter the Crucible.
    • Weapons of mystical powers, raw physical strength, and technological wonder are all available in the Crucible. Select your weapon carefully and when you are done, return to Richard Sonnac's office for your first assignment.
      • Choose a weapon and test your skills. Return to Brigadier Lethe when you have found your desired weapon.
      • Pick up the phone from the table.
      • Exit the crucible and return to Sonnac's office.
  • Tier 3:
    • Sonnac has sent you on your first assignment for the Templars. You are to go investigate a potentially dangerous situation unfolding on Solomon Island in New England. Your travel arrangments have been made and are waiting for you at Ealdwic Station.
      • Go to Ealdwic Station.
      • Enter Agartha.
    • The hallowed network is patrolled by automaton from another age. Though much of Agartha has been mapped by those who make frequent use of its portals and passages, the full extent of its wonder remains unknown.
      • Find and enter the portal to Kingsmouth Town.




You made it through Agartha. That's good. One of our best cartographers once set out to map the infrastructure. When we found him, seven years later, he was naked, filthy, and babbling in Enochian.

Needless to say we never attempted that particular experiment again.


There are 3 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/3

Head North and when you reach the red bus turn and follow the road East, through the barricade into Temple Hall. Once in the hall make a right and report to Mr. Sonnac.

Tier 2/3

Enter the Crucible, leave Sonnac's office via the SE direction, look right.

Note: this is your free time to try all of the weapons out, make sure of it. This will gain you two AP and two SP, but only two regardless of the number of weapons you try.

Choose a weapon, equip your gear (hit i and right-click each item). Follow the instructions from the weapon quest and return to Brigadier Lethe to confirm your weapon choice. Then choose a second weapon, and complete the second weapon quest. Return again to Brigadier Lethe and pick up your cell-phone.

Exit the Crucible and speak with Sonnac.

Tier 3/3

Leave Sonnac's office and head to Ealdwic Station. Once in the station go down the stairs to the glowing plant life.

Speak with the Stationmaster and make your way to the Kingsmouth Town portal, first portal if you go straight on that branch. The Automaton can direct you if you are confused.

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