London Underground (Templar)

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London Underground (Templar)
Dame Julia.jpg
Region: No Data
Zone: London
Start Location: Mithraeum (Solo Instance)
Start Coords: No Data
Given by: Julia Beatrix Tyburn
Type: Sabotage
Requires: Templars Rank 9
Faction: Templars
Reward: 598,410 Experience Experience
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

Dame Julia has recalled you to Temple Hall to review you rank among the Templars. Another matter requiring your particular touch has arisen.


Initial Call

Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: I'm sure you're happy to hear that it's time for another step up in rank.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: You know the procedure. Same as every time. London, right now.


Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: We're in the middle of what some would call a "developing situation."
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: Some fellows from Oxford have been excavating below Darkside. A Roman temple, dedicated to Mithras, there's a mess of them around here, but this one's special. Aren't they all?
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: They've found some bloody artifact. Every time that happens, things go tits up, everyone's scrambling to get a hold of it. Like children scrabbling in the dirt for a shiny shilling.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: There's a defensive perimeter, but it won't hold up against a sustained onslaught, I'm afraid. The position is already under attack, and the tunnels have been intentionally caved in to prevent us from pulling the assets out of there.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: We need a detail down below, and since everyone's off fighting for home and country: you're that detail.


Upon entering the room with the arms crate

Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: You have arrived just in time. There are enemies incoming.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: I don't know how long you have, but it won't be long enough.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: Set up the defences. We will send a team as soon as we can.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: With everything going on, we're woefully short on personnel.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: Hopefully this will be a wake-up call for the Force-Marshal.


After surviving for 5 minutes

Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: Job well done, soldier. I'm actually impressed.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: Bring the artifact out of there and to Mr Gladstone, in the library.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: We have people coming in to do the clean-up, so don't worry about that.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: When you get to your rank, you no longer have to clean up after yourself.


Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: I see that you're back. I'm not sure I asked you to return, but it's good to see you in one piece.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: Look. I've been a soldier all my life, and I'm not sure I can give you the appreciation you're looking for and, maybe deserve.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: Nice work, though. You remind me of myself at your age, going on wild adventures with Miss Plimmswood, saving the world and turning conventions on their head.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: Don't take this as a sigh that we're becoming friendly. I do not fraternise with anyone, least of all those below my rank. I believe in rules, traditions, and decorum.
Dame Julia Beatrix Tyburn: Still. You are showing promise. We will talk again, I'm sure. Until then.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: A recently unearthed Roman temple below London holds an important artifact - one that the other secret societies are scrambling to claim for themselves. Defend the find.
    • Talk to Dame Julia
    • Enter the Mithraeum
    • Use the Templars arms cache (0/6)
    • Take defence turrets from the Templars arms cache (0/2)
    • Prepare a defence before the invaders arrive (1:30)
    • Defend your position (5:00)
    • Leave the Mithraeum to regroup
  • Tier 2: Silence falls on the Mithraeum once more - you have sent enough of the other societies' troops back to Agartha.
    • Claim the sword
    • Return the sword to Gladstone
  • Tier 3: Report back to Temple Hall
    • Meet with Dame Julia


  • 598,410 Experience total
    • 149,600 per Tier for tiers 1 and 2
    • 299,210 for completion of tier 3, upon talking to Dame Julia


There is no report to call in upon completion of this mission. Experience and rewards are granted upon meeting with Julia Beatrix Tyburn in Temple Hall as part of Tier 3.


There are 3 tiers to this mission.

Note that some steps are timed and so you should be prepared for that step before advancing to it.

Tier 1/3

  • Talk to Dame Julia
  • Enter the Mithraeum
  • Use the Templars arms cache (0/6)
  • Take defence turrets from the Templars arms cache (0/2)
    • Go to the larger room in the upper northern, there will be an "Arms cache" box there.
    • NOTE: Opening the box starts the timer for the next step, do not use the box until you are ready to proceed
  • Prepare a defence before the invaders arrive (1:30)
    • TIMED: 1:30
    • Once you use the arms cache box, you will have 2 defence turrets and 6 land mines in your inventory. When you use them you will place them where you are standing. The guns are also aimed in the direction you are facing when you set them. They do not have 360-degree rotation, so make sure you're facing the entrances to the room when you place them.
    • Best strategy is probably to put both turrets next to the arms cache box, and then fight in front of them so they can shoot your enemies
    • The land mines can be put just inside the doors to this room, and/or just outside the doors to this room
    • You will also have four Templar Defenders show up to assist you
  • Defend your position (5:00)
    • TIMED: 5:00 - you must last the entire time to win. The first attack doesn't occur until 4:30 though, so you get 30 seconds for free
    • Multiple waves, each wave has 3x of Illuminati Assailants, 3x of Dragon Assailants, 1x of Illuminati Veteran, or 1x of Dragon Veteran
    • The waves seem to come in random order, you may get 2 or 3 Dragons before an Illuminati or vice-versa. They also can come in via any one of the three entrances to the room

Tier 2/3

  • Claim the sword
    • It's in the alcove behind the arms cache box, use it to pick it up
    • NOTE: The 'cogwheel' icon for this does not always show up where you expect it to be. You may have to move around a little bit for positioning and move the around around to find where the cogwheel does appear so you can pick it up
  • Return the sword to Gladstone

Tier 3/3



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