Corrupted Agartha (Instance)

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Corrupted Agartha (Instance)
Filth Portal.png
Zone: Agartha
Type: Instance

This instance is used by the Enter the Filth and Enter the Filth Phase 2 missions as part of The Whispering Tide Event.

Note: This area is completely separated from the normal Agartha zone, and is only accessible while on the Enter the Filth or Enter the Filth Phase 2 missions.


Involved In


These are a one-way instances. Once you go through a portal, there is no way to go back other than to go around the loop again.

Phase 1 Map

Corrupted Agartha.png

Phase 2 Map



The monsters in each phase are named similarly, but are slightly different.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Environmental Hazards

  • There are blotches of dark filth on the limbs of the Agartha tree. Stepping in these patches will give you one stack of Filth Exposure.
    • Running into additional patches with an active stack of Filth Exposure will give you one additional stack each per patch.
    • If you remain on the same patch, a new stack of Filth Exposure is added every five seconds.
  • There will random drops of explosive filth while in the third branch that has a very powerful knockback and could knock a player off the platform.


  • None