Vessel of Nergal's Rot

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Vessel of Nergal's Rot
Host of the Devouring Plague.png
Type: Filth-corrupted Creature
Difficulty Rating: Swarm
Level: {{{level}}}
Damage Type: Physical
HP: Phase1 = 1,781
Phase 2 = ????
Phase 3 = 8,903
Region: Agartha
Zone: Corrupted Agartha (Instance)
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW


The Vessel of Nergal's Rot are one of many Filth-corrupted Creatures that can be found in the Corrupted Agartha (Instance). The are almost identical to Host of the Devouring Plague

Special Abilities


Each time the Enter the Filth mission advanced to the next phase, the health of Vessel of Nergal's Rot was increased

  • Phase 1 - They were classified as a Swarm difficulty monster, although they were a bit unusual in that they are not surrounded by 3-5 monsters of the same type, but Host of the Devouring Plague seem to count as part of the swarm as well. It is also uncertain what the difference is between Host of the Devouring Plague and Vessel of Nergal's Rot.
  • Phase 2 - They were classified as Normal and their health increased
  • Phase 3 - They were still classified as Normal and their health was increased again

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