The Whispering Tide

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

The Whispering Tide is an in-game event that leading up to the opening of a Tokyo zone for players to enter. Official Announcement.


  • TSWicon.png Original version Released: September 20th 2013 (See the original article for details on the original version)
  • SWLicon.png Re-Release: August 1st 2017 through August 15th 2017


Each day you log on, your daily bonus screen will have a second screen that you claim a Custodial Relic. Note that you can only claim one Custodial Relic per day per account (not per-character).

Once you have your Custodial Relic, go to Agartha take the jump pad that leads to "Deep Agartha" (Public Raids). That will land you on a platform that has a portal covered in filth.

TIP You can get the time remaining before the portal opens by trying to enter it before it's open.

Once per hour (typically a minute or so past the hour) the filth covering the portal will disappear, and players can enter the instance. The instance has a cap of 40 players, if there are more than 40 that enter, a second instance will be created for them. Potentially, this means that the last group of players to enter could wind up in an instance with less than 40 (the remainder of players after all others have been filled with groups of 40).

Once you have entered the instance, kill the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen. For a guide to the instance, see Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen (Mission) mission guide. You will not receive the mission until you have completed it.

NOTE Upon entering the Agartha Defiled (Instance), you will receive the Equal Footing buff that will bump your stats up to the equivalent of level 50 if you are currently lower level than that. That buff will allow characters of all level to participate in the event.
BUG If you change weapons once you have Equal Footing the buff will cancel.

After completing the mission, you will receive the Surge of the Custodian buff, which allows you to open a Custodial Relic. That buff gives you 10 minutes to open the Custodial Relic (this includes the time to zone back to Agartha). Additionally, you also receive an Item Reward Bag upon completing the mission. After you have opened your Custodial Relic for the day you will not get any more that day for running the instance additional times, however you can still participate at each opening for the Item Reward Bag reward.




Main article: Events achievements#The Whispering Tide

There are 3 Achievements associated with this event:


Opening a Custodial Relic can reward these (rewarded in order):

Relic Rewards
1 Machine Gauntlets; Carapace of the Immaculate Machine - Machine boots
2 Military gas mask, green; Nightvision goggles, green
3 Glowing eyes, purple; Title: Scout of Gaia
4 Military pants with metal kneeguards; Turtleneck shirt, black
5 Machine Plated leggings; Machine Chestguard
6 Combat boots, green camo; Padded military gloves, green camo
7 Military jacket with gear, green camo; Military helmet, green camo
8 Sprint: Vitalizing Stride; Title: Protector of Agartha
9 Machine Helmet
10 Pet: Runic Automaton
11+ Anima Shards

In addition to the Custodial Relic, the first 10 days of the event a player logs in, they will also get an additional reward. Note that these are per day you log into the event, not day of the event.

Day Rewards
1 15 Ability Points
2 15 Skill Points
3 5,000 Anima Shards
4 Purified Potent Talisman Distillate
5 Purified Potent Weapon Distillate
6 25 Ability Points
7 30 Skill Points
8 7,500 Anima Shards
9 Purified Potent Weapon Distillate
10 Weapon Fusion Catalyst

There is also a vendor located in Agartha (next to the Public Raid jump pad), the Custodian of Curiosity. All items require Marks of Favor. He sells:

Item Price
Faction Automaton 50,000 Mark of Favor
Machine Chestguard, red with white 32,500 Mark of Favor
Machine Plated leggings, red with white 22,500 Mark of Favor
Machine Helmet, red with white {22,500 Mark of Favor
Machine Gauntlets, red with white 7,500 Mark of Favor
Machine Boots, red with white 15,000 Mark of Favor


Mission Story.png Ignore the "A Whispering Tide" story mission, it will likely activate after the special event is concluded.