Clubhouse (Instance)

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Clubhouse (Instance)
My Bloody Valentine (Mission).png
Map Coordinates: (680,272)
Region: Kaidan
Zone: Tokyo
Type: Instance
Faction: Fear Nothing Foundation

The Clubhouse is a secret chapterhouse of the Fear Nothing Foundation's youth program for gifted students, hidden beneath the Orochi Housing Projects in Kaidan.

In order to enter The Clubhouse, you must use the lose stones in the Fear Nothing Foundation logo on the wall.

  1. Top Left
  2. Top Right
  3. Bottom Right
  4. Bottom Left


Involved In


This is a fairly open instance, although some areas are not accessible until requirements have been met. Characters are able to backtrack at any point. The main mission requires very little backtracking, but players need to if they have missed some of the pages or messages for the side missions.

The entrance is actually on the 2nd floor, and the 1st floor is below ground.

1st Floor
2nd Floor


Generic Monsters
Unique to this instance

Environmental Hazards

  • The pool has filth pods in it, that will explode into The Filth and spawn a Filthspawn if approached too closely
  • The stage in the Auditorium is covered and The Filth and will do damage as long as characters are on it


  • Doing it right: Defeat the Priest of the Blinding light without allowing him to resurrect any member of his community
  • Doing it wrong: Defeat the Priest of the Blinding light after allowing him and 10 of his risen congregation to attack you simultaneously
  • Losing Your Religion : Complete both Doing it wrong and Doing it right Achievements

Other Information

The following Lore can be found in this instance:


Found in main rooms
Found in VIP areas