The Nursery (Instance)

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The Nursery (Instance)
Map Coordinates: (221,175)
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Type: Instance

The Nursery is an Orochi Group facility located under the Lake Solomonari dam. It can be visited during the mission The Sound of Children. It is also used as the entrance to the I Walk Into Empty mission, although that mission doesn't exactly take place inside the Nursery.


Starts at location

Location involved in


The entrance to The Nursery is located at (221,175) in the Carpathian Fangs.

The map is fairly straight forward, but there are a couple of locked doors that you have to open in order to progress. For a guide, see the related mission articles.

The Nursery.png


These monsters are encountered along the main path through the instance:

These monsters are encountered if you open the side rooms as part of the Where the Little Ones Go

Environmental Hazards

  • None


This location is not included in any current in-game achievements.



Nursery Rooms: