I Walk Into Empty

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I Walk Into Empty
Region: No Data
Zone: Transylvania
Start Location: Carpathian Fangs
Start Coords: No Data
Given by: The Sound of Children
Type: Investigation
Requires: The Sound of Children
Reward: No Data
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.7

NOTE: This mission is granted automatically upon completion of the The Sound of Children mission. Additionally, it can only be taken upon completion of that mission - it cannot be taken individually

That song... That haunting song. "Hello, I walk into empty..." Where are you? The nostalgia is so pure it squeezes your heart. Everything is half forgotten. You know nothing except the buzzing voice that urges you on: "Find Emma!"


Tier 1 Road

If you go the wrong way too far:

Emma Smith: You can't be here. It's all broken, it will destroy you.

Tier 1 House

Inside the house when you're following Emma

Winston Smith: Emma!
Julia Smith: Where the hell have you been? Come here!
Emma Smith: Ow. Ow! Stop it!
Julia Smith: You know you're not allowed to-
Emma Smith: Ow!
Emma arches her back, and anima begins to swirl around her
Winston Smith: Emma, what are you...?
Winston Smith: Emma? Emma!

Tier 1 Cave

A cave leading to a pool of filth, an Orochi operation

Male Orochi Operative: Keep her going! We're almost through.
Female Orochi Operative: Her power output...it's beyond our chart! There's no ceiling, or I can't gauge it.
Female Orochi Operative: She's breaking through!

Tier 1 Vali

In the Vali research center in London

Scientist 1: She exceeds all our tests, even beyond our secondary subject in New England.
Scientist 1: She's ready for the Carpathian project.

Tier 1 Dreaming

When you enter the white dreaming

Emma Smith: No, you're not dreaming. If anyone's dreaming, it's me, and...them.

Tier 1 House

In front of the burning house

Firefighter: Don't know how she made it. No other survivors.
Firefighter: You're a brave little girl. What's your name, honey?
Emma Smith: Anima.
Firefighter: Emma?
Firefighter: That's a pretty name.

Tier 2 Waking

After waking Emma

Emma Smith: Wake...up!

Tier 2 Agartha

After you wake up

Lilith is carrying Anima and standing at one of the Agartha portals. This portal is surrounded, covered in, Filth. So much so it has pooled on the platform in front of the portal, forming a large puddle.
You rise up from one of the white circles on the ground in front of the portal
Lilith casts a spell and puts you in a floating green globe of energy
Anima: (Looking at Lilith) My name is Anima!
Anima forcefully frees herself from Lilith, who is thrown into the filth puddle, and floats up, surrounded in anima energy.
Lilith: Emma, my sweet, my posy.
Lilith: (As Anima comes back down, standing between you an Lilith) I want you to come home with me.
Lilith: You and I are going to do such wondrous things to this world.
Anima: No. I don't want to go with you.
Lilith: But I can love you, my posy.
Lilith: I can love you more than Gaia -
Lilith: love you more than black holes love the light. Emma -
Anima: My name is not Emma.
Lilith: You will not! You will not choose Her over me.
Lilith: Samael chose Her!
Lilith: I will love you. I will hold you.
Lilith: I will hug the boiling viscera out of you!
Lilith: Come. Here!
Anima screams, and the energy around her begins to glow brightly and explodes outward.
Lilith is thrown into the portal and you are thrown off the platform. ((The cutscene continues without you.))
Filth: (Whispering) Anima.
Filth: (Whispering) Anima.
Filth: (Whispering) Anima?
Creatures looking like distorted people begin to rise up out of the filth, made of filth
Filth: (Whispering) Anima.
Filth: (Whispering) Anima.
The creatures begin to come close to Anima, starting to surround her
Filth: (Whispering) Anima!
Anima: What...what do you want with me?
Anima: I'm so small.
Anima: You eat stars.
Filth: (Whispering) You are all made of stars.
Anima: You do not belong here.
Anima flashes with energy and the creatures are thrown back into the puddle of filth
You are transported back to the London/New York/Seoul gates of Agartha ((Still in cutscene))
Anima appears next to you, her eyes are glowing from the Anima effect.
Anima: The lullaby must never end.
Anima: If the dreamers wake, all that is...
Anima: won't.
The glow in Anima/Emma's eyes fade.
Anima: I should very much like my teddy now.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Through the shadows and dream fog, the buzzing voice says, "Find Emma!"
    • Find Emma
  • Tier 2: As you wander through Emma's dream memories, the buzzing voice says, "Wake Emma! Speak her true name!"
    • Wake up Emma




The child smiled. And frowned. And smiled. Do you understand? Do you now see the value of chaos? You were a tiny pattern entering a field of behemoth equations. You a microbe – they mastodons. Yet through chaos, you undermined their patterns. You were the free radical that disrupted the molecule as big as a black whole. But the end is only a beginning. We have more work for you. There is Filth in Agartha. Tokyo must be dealt with. You are needed. You are one of the chosen, the ones who will dive into the mouth of oblivion and choke it on its own tongue. None should envy you.


When we look back, we'll designate today as "The Game Changer." A prehistoric super-bitch revealed herself, the Filth entered Agartha, and a little girl and her teddy bear stood up to god mollusks on the edge of reality.

The talking heads are chattering. I've never seen them like this. We're putting you in a higher pay bracket. It's time to think forward. Think Tokyo. Think Lilith. Think "what the hell is really running Orochi?" There are bigger players, and they're entering the game. The coming days will decide who runs the gameboard when the shit fans stop spinning.

Feel the pressure? You better.



The Filth has entered Agartha. Lilith has revealed herself. Shadows the size of planets look at our world and lick their blasphemous chops. We are too dignified to tell all of history "I told you so," but...

The Illuminati do not realise they cannot control a world if it is destroyed. The Dragon lack the focus. It is up to us to lead the charge. You will have no time to rest upon your laurels. You are one of the chosen knights riding the end of days. We must plan for Tokyo. We must counter the enemy, for the enemy is showing its many faces. The game is most definitely afoot.

Graviora manent.

R. Sonnac


There are 2 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/2

  • Find Emma
    • She will appear and disappear as you follow her.
    • She may not always be visible, so some times you will have to guess which direction to take.
      • If you go the wrong way, you will go back to where you started from
      • You will go up a road to a house, and then inside the house to the stairs leading up
      • When you get to the gave with the rip in time - you have to jump down into the rip/filth
    • Eventually you will end up in the Váli lab located in London that is part of the Templars mission Virgula Divina
    • You will see 4 doors - Red, Green, Blue, Black. Each door leads to another room with similarly colored doors.
Clue 1:
Look at the long video screen as you walk through the various doors
Go through the doors in this order: Red, Red, Green, Black, Blue, Blue, Red, Green, Black, Red
  • When you wind up in a white area with a golden path, just keep following the path
  • There will be a cutscene in front of a burning house
  • Go inside the house and there is really only one way to go

Tier 2/2

  • Wake Emma
Clue 1:
You need to put the letters on the floor on the whiteboard. You can only have 1 letter on you at a time (look in your inventory to see which letter you currently have. Click on the letters to pick them up. Click on the circles on the whiteboard to place them. NOTE: Getting the cogwheel on the whiteboard seems to sometimes be tricky - you may have to swing your camera angle around and move your mouse over the spots on the boar a few times in order to get it
Clue 2:
You need to spell her name
From the cutscene in front of the house, she says her name is Anima. Spell Anima on the whiteboard
  • Once she is awake, the final cutscene will play

Other Information

Related Achievements


  • The name of the mission, 'I Walk Into Empty' is a reference to the song 'Sleepless Lullaby', of which the first line is 'Hello I walk into empty'.
  • The Vali research center seen in Tier 1 is also seen in the Templars mission Virgula Divina
  • The voice actor for Emma's mother is Louiza Patikas



Puzzle room screen:



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