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NOTE: This template is meant for the following types of items: Mission items, Matieral items, Bags, Consumables, Gadgets, Glyphs, Signets, and Toolkits

For other types of items see:

Also note that this template should rarely need to be used on it's own since the Boilerplate:Itempage boilerplate used to create articles for all of these types of items includes this template automatically.


Place this at the very top of your page, and fill in the information provided (variable descriptions follow the code). If some variables don't have info, just ignore it, and it will be hidden in the template.

|sells for=

IMPORTANT - Do not add the you should not need to add any categories to the page when using this template. They are automatically set by the template!


Common Parameter

These are used for both TSW and SWL items

Parameter Name Required Description Accepted Values Default
content No Is this for TSW or SWL tsw, swl tsw
name Yes Needs to be included in order to help with transclusion and use with other templates. Name of item
image Yes Inventory icon image. <filename>.<extension> <itemname>.jpg
type Yes Type of item
NOTE: For out-of combat health type items (food, drink, cigarette, etc) use "Food" instead of "Consumable"
Bag, Consumable, Food, Glyph, Material, Mission, Museum, Signet, Theatrical, Toolkit.
For gadgets, enter the gadget type - Stimulant, Kickback, or Curiosity
colour No Rarity Colour level of the item. White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red White
duration No Used if the item has a listed duration. Duration Blank
binds No Does the item Bind-on-Pickup (bop) or Bind-on-Equip (boe) bop, boe Does not bind
unique No Is this item unique (can only have 1 in your inventory yes,no No
itemtext No Used for any text description the item may have.
"Cannot use in combat." for food items is automatically handled by the template.
Text Blank (except for food)
itemtext2 No Used if the item has a second block of text (typical, the mission used in) Text Blank
stacks No If this item stacks Yes,No No
sells for No Sale value of the item
In Anima Shards if content=SWL, In Pax otherwise
Number Blank

TSW Parameters

These only apply when "content=tsw"

Parameter Name Required Description Accepted Values Default
rank No Item Quality Level, if it has one. Number Blank