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This template is to be used when creating Category:Weapons pages.


Place this at the very top of your page, and fill in the information provided (variable descriptions follow the code). If some variables don't have info, just ignore it, and it will be hidden in the template.

|weapon power=
|effect={{font color|#fec500|+ }}
|glyph slots=
|signet slot=
|sells for=


  • You should not need to add any categories to the page when using this template. They are automatically set by the template!


Parameter Name Required Description Accepted Values Default
name Yes The weapon name. Used to assist with transclusions and additional templates. <text>
invicon Yes The icon that shows up in your inventory when <filename.extension> '
colour Yes The colour/rarity of the weapon. Green, Blue, Purple, Orange
rank Yes The Quality Level of the item. Do not include 'QL' 1 thru 10
generic No Used to indicate if this is a generic (non-named) item.
Only needed for blue or better items
Y, <blank> <blank>
type Yes The type of weapon See Weapon#Weapon_types
custom No If this is a special type, enter it here.
Typically either "Custom" or "Venice"
Custom, Venice, <blank> <blank>
binds No Used to indicate if the weapon binds to the player BOP = Bind on Pickup
BOE = Bind on Equip
unique No If the player can only have one of these, enter "Yes" Yes, <blank> <blank>
weapon power Yes The Weapon Power of the weapon Number
effect Yes Any other bonuses the weapon gives. Put the bonus number inside the "font color" template, put what the bonus is applied to outside the color template.
If there are multiple bonuses, separate them with <br/>
glyph slots No The number of glyph slots.
Currently, only 1 is supported by the template.
NOTE: If there is no glyph slot, do NOT put "0", but instead leave it blank
1, <blank> <blank>
signet slots No The number of signet slots.
Currently, only 1 is supported by the template
Mostly only needed to force QL10+ items to NOT have a signet slot
0, 1, <blank> 0 for QL<10, 1 for QL10+
sells For No On used if the sell-for price is different than what the template calculated Number QL*200*Color_Modifier
source Yes The general source type Mission, Dungeon, Vendor, World, Assembled, Pre Order Bonus, Community Event
itemtext No If the weapon has a description in the tooltip, enter it here <text> <blank>